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Hope someone can advise me please im desperate.

Skitzejojodoherty Community member Posts: 23 Listener
I am looking for abit of advice please, if possible i am seriously running out of options
 {home options}. I dont mind who comments i need to find out if theres anything else i can do in the meantime.

Anyway i am going say please don't judge me.

i have been bidding on Home Options now since 18th June 2018. i understand we have had the pandemic to deal with. which is  horrific. y problem is what can i do if i am on Band A, i have 2 housing officers and i have been bidding every week.

I have never been offered a property in the whole time ive been with home options even though i have been number 1 on the properties, i havent heard nothing about them.

I have been at mums now since then and its seriously making my anxiety go through the  roof, i am constantly on edge as i am 43 in april i dont get on with my brother at all. my mum is coonstantly making my anxiety and depression as i know i aint wanted there, she shouldnt have to deal with it espcially as my brother is a drinker. 

I dont know what i should do but i have been clean now since 2018 . i am ashamed to admit it but i am not the person i was back then. i am trying to urn m life around so something positive can come from this.

its one of hardest experience of my life but getting clean is worth it. Anyway have D.V.T in my right leg so everyday is a struggle. even though i am clean,  I Lost everything. i not looking for any type of sympathy. i jut want to stay clean so my kids can come over and be proud that i their mum. everyday i suffer with pain. which isnt easy but i am trying.   
anyway back to housing 
what can i do to get a place to show that i javent got this far ti stay in hostel. i dont mean this nasty but iwont go into hostel as i dont feel safe. i  havent cone this far to go backwards. I graduated in my emotional skills training and i need advice about housing.  

sorry to go on but this is first time i have ever admitted this . so please dont jusge me.

if i am on home options do I have to registrar with nch and the council as well for hope that i can get a place where i feel safe forr my grown up kids to come and stay. 

my mum had enough to deal with 



  • Skitzejojodoherty
    Skitzejojodoherty Community member Posts: 23 Listener
    please excuse my spelling i should of read it through first, apologises to everyone for rabbling  on x
    i appreciate every bit of advice and i am truly grateful to everyone who reads or comments on this. thank you everyone x
  • Luchia
    Luchia Community member Posts: 217 Pioneering

    I’m not sure how banding works in your area but Band A would be highest here so I am gonna work from that(unless you can provide more details)

    During Pandemic housing allocations pretty much stopped here so that could be the same for you.

    Band A would give you pretty much a solid chance of getting housing although you can come 1st but if someone has more priority or need it will go to them(known here as invisible bids, this is where the system auto assigns it to someone even without bidding).

    You could phone your local housing and ask why you weren’t successful when you came 1st on the bids as they can explain it in much more detail than I could.

    You could also give Scope a ring as they are immensely helpful and should be able to offer you some solid advice.

    My main advice would be not to focus on where your bid shows as I recently bid on a 2 bedroom bungalow(August last year) and my bid showed 5th and I assumed I had no chance of getting it, a few weeks later I get a call and the bungalow is mine, they explained even though I was 5th I needed it more than the 4 people who bid above me so try not to focus on bids, if your in the top 10 it’s usually a good sign.

    it sounds like you have had a rough time but going by your post it sounds like you are a very strong person, I know it sounds cliche but your time will come and you will be in your forever home, it might be tough at the moment but just focus on the future.

    Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful but definitely give housing a call as they can see your true bid position(They see all the invisible bids too) 
  • Hannah_Scope
    Hannah_Scope Posts: 5,879 Disability Gamechanger
    I'm so sorry you have gone through so much and I can see you are really trying to do the best for you. Congratulations on staying clean for so long as well.

    At the moment, our Scope Helpline is closed until Tuesday 21st March but do ring them then if you can. 

    Have you contacted Home Options directly? to see if there is anything more they could do to help? or if they can explain why you haven't been contacted when you were first bidder? 
    Hannah - She / Her

    Online Community Coordinator @ Scope

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