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Does CBD work?

ricky1040 Community member Posts: 121 Pioneering
Interested to hear anyone’s experience using Cbd gummies or oil. I have ordered some gummies. I’m diagnosed with fibro and sciatica. Really been getting me down recently and wanna try something new. I have been doing a lot of physio and massage. I don’t want to go on any hardcore painkillers as had issues in the past with tramadol


  • Alex_Scope
    Alex_Scope Posts: 7,562 Scope online community team
    Hi there @ricky1040 and thanks for reaching out about this, if you are considering taking any supplements, it's important to seek advice from a medical professional who has knowledge of your health and any other medications you might be taking. 

    Have you spoken to your GP about your issues with tramadol in the past? :) 
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  • rebel11
    rebel11 Community member Posts: 1,636 Pioneering
    Agree 100%, best to seek advice from your GP. What might seem like a good idea today, could have serious consequences tomorrow. 

  • chiarieds
    chiarieds Community member Posts: 15,879 Disability Gamechanger
    I have been using CBD oil for 4 & a half years, & find it helps reduce some of my pain, but everyone is different.
    CBD is broken down by the same liver enzymes that break down over 95% of prescribed meds, so you should discuss this with your pharmacist/GP prior to taking this. I personally leave a 4 hour gap between taking such meds & CBD oil. As gummies are also taken by mouth, then the same time gap would likely be helpful.

  • ionosphere
    ionosphere Community member Posts: 7 Listener
    I’ve used CBD gummies to manage chronic fibro/arthritis pain and paranoia from schizoaffective disorder, but had to stop as the day after, I’d be more anxious and paranoid than usual, and more irritable, too.

    They worked great for pain and insomnia, however. I imagine if you don’t have my kind of issues with psychosis, you’d not run into the problems I did. 
  • ricky1040
    ricky1040 Community member Posts: 121 Pioneering
    Thanks everyone. I will discuss with my gp. 
  • durhamjaide2001
    durhamjaide2001 Scope Member Posts: 9,774 Disability Gamechanger
    Let' us know how you get on 
  • BainMoos
    BainMoos Community member Posts: 1 Listener
    edited August 2023
    It's awesome that you're open to trying CBD gummies – they might be just what you need! I've used them for similar issues, which can be quite helpful. Just a heads up, results can vary from person to person, but it's worth a shot!
    I haven't tried this uk cannabis clinic, but I've heard good things about them. They seem to offer professional guidance and support. Always a good idea to consult with experts when trying something new.
    Also, thumbs up for avoiding hardcore painkillers! Natural alternatives can be more gentle and effective.


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