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Tech and how it can help

richard123 Community member Posts: 4 Connected
So its really simple, I thought I would make this post, because of my experiances with tech in my home, I have alexa stuff in my home (suffer with chronic pain amoungst other issues).   I first got a alexa for every room, the tip here is to wait until amazon has a sale as it gets them down to about £30 each, why still expensive that would be £120 to cover a 2 to 3 bed house (one in kitchen, one in living room, one in each bedroom). they would still be able to hear you upstairs even if your in bathroom or other room.  you can connect to your mobile so you can make calls from them.  

This can be very useful if you dont have a fall monitor or become crippled with pain, you can also say alexa announce then say your message and it will repeat your message on all the echos.

light switches, I would say depending on needs, for living room I got dimmer smart light switches. and bedroom, the other rooms I just chose regular on/off smart switches.  The reason I would recommend switches over bulbs is they will always be smart, were with a bulb if someone flicks the light switch you have connected it to the bulb becomes dumb.

smart plugs, useful to attached to stuff you normally forget to turn off (so say a lamp, or tv, or heating ect.  in the alexa app you can create a routine were you say alexa I am going to sleep now, this can then switch every device off that you want to (and even dim the light slowly in the bedroom over 5 minutes if you wished.

you can with smart plugs connect one to kettle, so if you do like tea or coffee rather than getting up to put the kettle on a lot, you could say when you make one, leave the right amount of water in kettle with switch on but plug off, then tell alexa to put kettle on so you only have to go in when the kettle is boiled.

Heating, most useful, not only for saving money but also for being able to turn it on and off with alexa,

music, well whole house music is never bad :P



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