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What is thew price of dignity?

Over the last few years we have seen many changes to access to help.  I won't call it benefits since the access to benefits should come from the need to access help from the NHS.
  This can be many ways from assessments that go on to diagnose the need for prescription drugs to operations that would help like cancer or heart problems.  The type of things that you can't fix "over the counter" with an aspirin.  some times it may involve classes in anger management or for depression, but what ever the need you get the gist of the post.
  In Feb 2023 we had a campaign which started a month of protest to try to make it easier to get access, and one of the many points that the government had come back with was to bring forward the pension age to 68?  This in its self is causing problems in France where they don't like that and took to the streets setting fire to buildings in protest. another was to charge £20 for the sick being sick?
  The way Sajid Javid health secretary wanted to do this was to charge a fee of £20 if they ask for NHSA treatment without seeing a GP first? 
  Our NHS has always been free at point of need, and we want to keep it that way, this would end the NHS as we know it.   
 We want to legislate for an older people's commissioner for England as in Wales and Northern Ireland, yet remember me asking about this very thing when the Welsh senate said they were increasing it by 68 and that there were to be Champions in this very subject.  A go to person?  I am still wating a reply from 6 months ago.
   Secondly a National Care Service, providing high quality, fully funded care for all, at point of need and working along side the NHS.  This could include the assessment system.
  third, cheaper, easier and better access to communications.  and include access for those not on line.  I have in the Retired Section of Unite, got funding to run classes, in the basic's of Computing and the use of basic programs and to get their own e mail address so that access to other things like a journal and the ability to contact "your" coach to ask questions and get instant answers.  the journal has a pass word which you have access to and is secure.  Imagine wanting to do a course while on the sick you could use zoom where many other can join and do the same course?
  This government is on a collision course to disaster, where they wish to abolish the WCA and replace that with a one assessment fits all.  Its not the WCA that is at fault but the administration of it, and the lack of understanding that when a mistake is made that they learn from it and review the problem and rewrite out the risks.
  They believe that rebranding will make the things go away?
  Instead of saying I made a mistake so now lets see if we can illiminate the cause before it gets worse.
  Are we becoming a country of moaners, or are we becoming a group of "protesters" that gets heard and listened to, to resolve the situation of help, care and support not money, money, money.



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