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Andy73 Community member Posts: 3 Listener
Hi all im trying to find out about what i can do regarding side effects i had from Astrazeneca 
After couple of week of having vaccine i was hospitalised with pulmonary embolism and five clots in leg luckily recovered but due to the strain it put on my heart trying to pump blood past clots has damaged heart left me with a condition called heat failure
anyone know of any places can go to speak to people about Astrazeneca and similar complications



  • rfour1985
    rfour1985 Community member Posts: 12 Listener
    Hi Andy, as @Purrrrrrr has mentioned I have been vaccine injured. If you are in the greater London area I would suggest asking to being transferred to Dr Daniel Bromage (cardiologist) at kings as he is one of the best and has done every test possible for me and his team are very helpful and supportive. Although the vaccine has damaged my heart to the point I have had two heart attacks in two years I'm not against the vaccine as I know it has saved so many people. I am wanting there to be clear warnings to people about the extent of damage it can cause to the heart. I will be founding a charity to help people affected by the vaccine and to look at how as a group we can have the pharmaceutical companies accountable as they quoted the vaccines "safe". I'm glad you are on the mend but I would be pushing for more tests as I declined very rapidly whilst showing normal test results. 

    You may get some negative people comment here but don't worry as they haven't experienced what we have they have no right to tell us how to feel or what to do.

    I'm always around if you want to chat, just send a message. 

    Take care 
  • Andy73
    Andy73 Community member Posts: 3 Listener
    Morning Purrrrrrr and rfour1985 thanks for your replies its been very helpful so hard to find any information out
    unfortunately rfour1985 im not in London im in southampton but am interested to see where we go from here 
    so hoping to stay in touch 
    Many thanks

  • rfour1985
    rfour1985 Community member Posts: 12 Listener
    Hello Andy73, my meds had taken it out of me today so only really up lol I forgot to say if you are having day to day issues because of it all I would suggest you apply for PIP as you would get some financial help there. 

    Also if the website where you can claim for damage from any vaccine in the UK. There is a 60% disability grey area but it's worth filling out as you never know. There is a big backlog for COVID cases apparently as mentioned on the site. 

    I'm always up for a chat anytime but just he aware I'll message when I can as sometimes my meds really knock me for 6 and I'm out of it for a while. 

    Take care 


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