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Hi, my name is MasterOfBadDecisions!

MasterOfBadDecisions Community member Posts: 3 Listener
Hi guys, I have wondered in here whilst doing some research, and immediately understood that I must register even if only to show support and tell you all that the story that i just read is so painfully familiar, with some minor variations, ie: I did not move to another city... Ridiculous. Yes guys, unfortunately - whenever we go, phone or otherwise communicate with the very people who are actually employed to help people like us, we end up in the enemy stronghold who dehumanise us and, instead of helping, seemingly do everything possible to make our lives a hell, they withhold information, out-right lie, antagonise trying to brake us and make us to give up. There are good people there too, who on occasion prove to everyone that the solution often a simple phonecall away, or take around 20 minutes to find, and that including hearing us out. I have met a lot of people broken by those places, ending up in the street homeless, and to tum it is easier than fighting that war. 
I am not on of them, something in me won't allow me to give up. It is extruciately soul destroying, extremely brutal and takes incredible effort to keep going at it, but also very gratifying and rewarding when you one day see fear in their eyes and their arrogance and big headiness replaced by realisation that this one guy, once homeless wreck, was right all along, and in spite of their efforts to make sure he does not succeed, he is finally  getting everything that he deserves, as he said he would. Well those feelings of a victory usually short lived, with new obstacles thrown your way as soon as they can think of it. 
In five years, undeniably with their assistance, my mental health deteriorated immensely instead of improvement followed by my body starting giving up, but hey- i m getting pip, and starting very recently - Lcwra all that being courtesy of the UC. I am still not out of the woods- as now, having given me the lcwra, following a three year long comedy of lies and 50 people each knowing a different version of the same story. Now they decided to only award me 3 months back pay. By the time I win that one, I probably will be completely bed riden... Lol
But i will stop here. All I wanted to say really- guys, this is not right. Everyone of us need to stand up for ourselves, fight for our rights and simply not let our society to become this ugly place where the people who are supposed to help those weaker and in need of help and instead abuse them and take advantage of their inability to find enough strength for te fight. We must stand up for everyone, but yes - mainly for ourselves, no one else will, and I think all of us know that feeling of despair, misery and paralising cold when this endless banging our heads on the wall in attempt to get forward and trying to get the bigots stop showering in the rays of their power, patting each other on the shoulder, and make that one phonecall that often is all needed to help. In the meantime, i know mine was, all my life was that fight, my all the lifeforce was consumed by it, not leaving anything for any actual living, trying to survive myself on £2 week, etc.
And yet, that fight was how I survived at all. Please don't give up.
And please forgive my for the rant essay. I only know how to be that extremely annoying, persistent, fact-checking, not taking a 'no' (or a hundred of them), very wordy and very surprisingly difficult to brake person who does not know how to give up. Winning against all the odds. Hateful ****.🙄😇🥇


  • Cher_Alumni
    Cher_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,741 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @MasterOfBadDecisions and a big warm welcome to our online community, how's your Friday so far?

    Thank you for telling us some of your story. It's clear you've got lots of lived experience of being resilient in the face of adversity. Your feelings are shared by many others who have struggled against a rigid system and I'm glad to hear things are in a much brighter place for you now.

    You mention that your health isn't the best and I wanted to check that you were getting enough support with this? 

    And please don't apologise for writing a lengthy post. It's good to express our feelings, and to do it with words can be extremely cathartic. If ever you need to talk or vent or just have some virtual company, make sure to give us another visit. 
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