Ehlers Danlos & PIP

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Hi all, this is my first post so thank you for welcoming me to the group!

I have hypermobile EDS which is getting progressively worse as I age (I’m 45) I’ve had 4 surgeries in 3 years and not working currently although I do have a job as nurse practitioner.

im very limited and have lots of chronic problems associated with hEDS.

I started a claim for PIP early Feb and everything has dragged on so long (I know this seems to be the norm unfortunately) I ended up contacting my MP as I still haven’t had an assessment! They got in touch with IAS on my behalf.
on Friday I had a text from DWP saying they had received the report of my assessment and will be in touch with a decision.

Has anyone had this happen to them? I haven’t had an assessment so of course I’m worried that this is a negative thing that they’ve made a decision without it.
My form had lots of info and I included a lot of evidence.

can anyone shed some light?
thank you 😊 


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    You've had what's known as a paper based assessment, which isn't a bad thing in my opinion. This can happen if you send enough enough information to support your claim, though it's rare.

    Now the report is returned a decision can take anything up to about 12 weeks. Once the decision is made if you're not happen you can request the Mandatory Reconsideration. (MR)
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    Thank you 😊 I’ve heard paperbased assessments aren’t very common and although I did include quite a lot of evidence I’m still wondering if any of it had anything to do with my MP.
    the text says 8 weeks but I’ve heard 12 weeks is more likely as u say.
    thanks for the response, I feel a bit more positive!
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    Just to let u guys know I got my pip award text yesterday!
    called the auto line and I’ve been awarded higher rate on both!
    hopefully I’ll get a back payment now seeing as my claim started 8th feb, thank you to all your support on here! 
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    @PoppySeed hi what's the auto line and can I have the number plz 
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    That's great news @poppyseed ! :)