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UC Claim review - HELP



  • mangofrog
    mangofrog Community member Posts: 7 Listener
    mangofrog said:

    - is it correct that we need to declare the total amount of capital at the end of the assessment period? (As opposed to another time)
    - how do well when the end of our assessment period is?
    - wrt Cost of Living payments, do we deduct the total amount of COL payments from our overall money? Ie. I’ve received £1251 in COL payments (first one was in July ‘22) - do I deduct £1251 from the overall amount in my bank account each month? Or is there a different way of doing it?

    Thank you :)
    Yes, your UC entitlement is determined on the last day of each assessment period. For this reason, this when you would need to tell them if there's any changes to your capital, if it's more than £6,000. For every £250 or part thereof over that amount there's a £4.35/month deduction.

    To know the dates of your assessment periods, log in to your journal and then click "home" from there look at the list and then click "payments." At the top of that page it will say something like this... on 25th December you will be paid any money you're entitled to... the amount you get is based on your circumstances from 19th November to 18th December. Therefore your last day of your assesment period in this example will be 18th December. 

    All the cost of living payments are disregarded from capital indefinitely.
    Thank you Poppy, that’s very helpful. To clarify re the COL payments, that means that every month I need to deduct the full £1251 from COL payments from my total savings? Just really want to be sure I’m not declaring the wrong amount.
  • Stay
    Stay Community member Posts: 6 Listener
    Hello Everyone please help me about my claim.I just uploaded my Statements of last 4 months.I am wondering what they are looking for?i used my balance transfer credit card which is 11k Its showing on the statement.And borrowed some money from friends and family.What i dont understand is will this efect my uc? We had some huge Out goings last 2 months Chritsmas Shopping kids broke it Tv we buy new tv i applied british citizen cost me 3k.exc..
    Everything showing on the statment where i spend.Please can some one help me what do i need do.?will this 11k be prblem? Please help
  • mangofrog
    mangofrog Community member Posts: 7 Listener
    Hey all - I have a claim review phone interview on Monday. Is there anything in particular I should prepare for?

    I’ve printed out all the bank statements I sent them and highlighted any transactions I suspect they may ask about, and noted down what the transaction was. For context, I only found out recently about the £6000 cut off and had gone over it, and I’ve communicated with them about that in depth via the journal.

    Are there any other notes I should prepare? What kind of questions should I expect?

    Thank you
  • mangofrog
    mangofrog Community member Posts: 7 Listener
    (That was me posting that message, not a quote of someone else, it got stuck like that somehow)
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