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Work assessment UC

zackball Community member Posts: 2 Listener
edited July 2023 in Universal Credit (UC)

I little about me I’m just struggling and have been for a very long time with no help ever and as my father alway said get on with it , I’ve alway just tired to just get on with it I guess. 

Around 3 years ago I lost my eye which stopped me over night working. I’ve not worked since.  

I’ve alway managed and all I’ve claimed is UC with no extra help.

It was last year when they sent me to what they call step change that I started to understand I could have a lot more issues. The lady was very nice did a small assessment and basically said to me I’m in a grey area and really I should not have been put in this position. She did a few online test to see what I scored high in and said basically go see your doctor and told me she would stop all face to face appointment and only phone appointments to stop and stress and anxiety. 

So move forward a few months - hard work at the doctors because it’s always a new doctor each time . But they sent to a specialist about my mental health issues. After a few meetings with a different psychiatrist they confirmed that they thought I had either Bipolar or BPD or both. Although I did not get a diagnosis both reports confirmed that I had bad anxiety and depression With Mania at some points they Started me on Lamotrigine and I’m currently being monitored with the mental health team. 

I’ve also had major issues with fatigue and feeling sore . They kind of linked this to my mental Health issues - losing my eye. But confirmed That I have fibromyalgia and this has increased because of the eye removal. They started me on tramadol which if I’m honest helps but ultimately it doesn’t stop the overall Pain , Pretty much always there. I’m now on a waiting list to go into Pain management simply because the painkillers do not fix the problem. 

I recently had an hearing aid fitted in my left ear Due to hearing loss again they put this down to the fibromyalgia causing issues as well as tinnitus a constant ringing in my left ear. 

No one has ever told me or given me any advice on what Potential help I could get if any. 

I’ve just had a random letter a few weeks ago saying I was going to be assessed for fitness to work. 

So had a telephone interview 2 weeks ago  which was a work capability assessment. The lady told me it could take around 1 hour to complete. I also had a friend with me to help as I struggled explaining and forgot things. Again my first experience with an assessment.  she was nice let my helper answer information and correct me when I said something that was wrong .  It did take some time 2 hour 15 minutes so that’s worried me but I did get a few 5 minute breaks . 

Still don’t totally understand what’s going on UC have  basically not bothered me in three years since I engage with step change. But ultimately that only ended up being one face-to-face and a handful of appointments over 12 month period of the phone. 

Stress and anxiety is so high at the moment but really just not sure what to think about it . 

I’m trying not to worry if they stop my bit of money.  It’s out of my hands but I have had a message today saying can I update my fit note . 

Will they come contact me or just stop my money ? Thanks 


  • Adrian_Scope
    Adrian_Scope Posts: 11,011 Scope online community team
    Good morning @zackball and a warm welcome to the community. 

    I'm so sorry that your post has been missed until now. Have you had an outcome to your work capability assessment yet? And are you still submitting fit notes to Universal Credit? 
    Community Manager
  • zackball
    zackball Community member Posts: 2 Listener
    Hi , yes I’m all sorted stress free thanks .

    I’ve been awarded lcwra and pip - I requested both assessments reports both done by different people and both where very well wrote and-almost identical in Parts . 

    I had two great assessment people both lady’s did not rush me - my support was aloud to get involved and answer help for me when needed and just a very good experience at the end . 

    I think there is a lots of horror story’s and I’m sure this goes on, but I do think lots of people get awarded and will probably not put that information out there, so you see more bad story’s . 

    I was dreading the all process. 

    I put a few reports in that was short but to the point - information directly from my online nhs account linked to my doctors, basically screen shots of parts that I wanted them to see . 

    But appreciate the reply thanks 


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