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Poem called Rise

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Poem called Rise 
No more is the pain that rained down on my life for so long. 
No I am using my pain as my strength 
Each day I am learning a new thing and skill which is instilling fantastic confidence in the things I can do as I progress towards my dreams that I can do and accomplish whatever brings a smile on my faces of my family members who have helped me rise up once again my heart singing once again and I can begin to build and live my life the way I want while I keep pursuing my dreams and showing my true potential shining through which brings great happiness and joy to my family members faces. It time for me to pay back my family members who have made so many sacrifices during my life by me working hard on myself and making myself into the best possible individual I can. Through increasing my knowledge in the field that brings me glorious happiness and knowledge that I can use to in powering others through the knowledge that I gain from reading books and learning from other's. My dreams are worth fighting for and living for and I will never lose sight of my dreams taking small steps towards my dreams changing my mindset to think more positive outlook on my life and future is clear plan to accomplishing my dreams I now have a vision which I want to put into action and my future is bright outlook on my life and future and support my family and parents who have given me everything now it’s my  time to return the favour to them. Once I am making my own money and I support my family members and my parents financially this why I am determined to make my dreams reality and show people that I can do anything I stand my own two feet as I want to finally a lay the fear that have been keeping my family up at night instead I want them have a sense of comfort and happiness that I can and will live independent life which gives them relief once they pass away that I will and do everything myself and live a happy and prosperous life for myself and that best of ability my message that I keep telling myself that I can and will do whatever I want to do in my life nothing is impossible in my eyes with a little bit of faith in my own ability and hard work will pay off one day really soon as I believe it breathe it and see it every single day. That’s what keeps me driving forward and using my disappointments as my learning experiences on how overcome challenges that I must face and succeed it and so can you all achieve your own goal as we are like gladiators who have kept overcoming our enemies time to left them behind and focus on ourselves we are all gorgeous souls and stars in our own right and our universe that we keep building for own individual success in our lives keep our faith in each other and remembering that we are stars in our own ways that we need keep praising ourselves for the glory we achieve on our own journey which one day we will can all succeed with hard work and determination and discipline that we show never give up attitude that we have gives us the strength to keep pulling each other up when we are feeling down this what makes the scope online community members are all wonderful friends and people along with the scope online community coordinators who keep us safe and give a safe space to share our awesome accomplishments along the way our life journey which are so excited and uplifting to hear and puts self doubt and worrries to one side and instead we seem to all keep inspiring each other to special purposes in our individual lives.

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