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A poem Don't give up, (chapter 2 )

onebigvoice Scope Member Posts: 726 Pioneering
edited August 2023 in Coffee lounge

Here is a poem I thought you might like 

I wrote this months ago but you could say Chapter 2.

Remember how it started…….

I’ve tried to give, all that I can give,

I’ve answered every question, just like a quiz

But what happens to me

If I say that’s it, I give up.


My poor body just can’t take any more

My mind is saying switch off, you’re a bore

You’ve been here so many times

But what happens now that I have gave up


Lets see the results, from letters I’ve wrote

Let’s see the M P’s when they quote,

You know I think that he has really given up

Not even a telephone call to ask what’s up?


I’ve been to a second tier court

OH yes I’ve been here before,

But even so, the wait is to much

They called me in as I was about to get up.


While waiting to get this all over,

My brain is mulling, yes mulling it all over,

 By the time I am ready to go in,

I’ve said in my head what needs to be said

And now if feel like a limp lettuce, read for bed


Oh please, please, help me I sent in what I can

The Judge and usher told me to sit down.

My legs were like jelly, and could not here a thing

So the Usher came round with this microphone thing.


He said put it on it may help you I think

And started, to talk about why we are here.

I thought here we go, since they already, had a ½ hour chat

Its all done and dusted, just do me for the crime.


I thought that I could hear every thing

But realised that the Judge, was not talking to me.

He asked the question that I had asked, and said

I do believe you are ill prepared.


I’ve read some of the letters and e mails you’ve been sent

I’ve seen the recorded delivery letter, money well spent.

What I don’t see is the reply’s to all this

Can you tell me what I seemed to have missed.


I note you sent a reply only yesterday, do you have a copy of that letter?

I’m sorry your honor, its seems to be not here?

Well I have a copy and it does not read well

You admit serious problems, so why is he here?


You will I hope sort this out before then,

You have 21 days, to put this to an end,

If I do not receive a formal reply

One month from today we will be back again.


I don’t want no excuse, this has gone on long enough

Do not force me to adjudicate a result,

Because it’s not you that will win.

He turned to me and said I hope not to see you in my court again.

But I mean that in a nice way, you should not have been subjected to all this

I’m so glad you did not give up.


For those that are thinking of giving up, take heed from my story as there is justice for all don’t give up for the sake of us all.


OBV  14/08/2023.


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