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Hi all had a message today ! Does this mean I been refused ? 


  • bg844
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    Not at all, it means DWP have prepared your ‘bundle’ and it has been sent to you and also a copy to the Tribunal. This is a massive amount of documentation including all forms you have sent (including previous claim forms, if a review), evidence and an argument from DWP of why you haven’t been awarded (or awarded but at a lower rate) PIP. Please be aware that this pack can seem daunting to read and you may be worried of what their argument will be, it’s natural to feel this way but just for re-assurance this is standard print that everyone gets.

    It’s not too late to seek assistance if you need this, please use this link if you would like free professional advice:
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    As bg844 mentioned, it's a standard text that the DWP send you to keep you informed about what is happening with the appeal process.

    As bg844 also mentioned it can be quite daunting to go through, so don't hesitate to look for someone to go through it with you. Citizen's Advice also have benefits advisers who can help with it. As well as a page to inform you about the appeal process.

    Keep us updated with how it all goes! I'm also going to move this over to our PIP section :)