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Second School appeal + education

iza Scope Member Posts: 701 Pioneering
Hi, I need a bit of advice over appeal. I did in year application transfer for my son to another secondary school. 
There were not places available at the time of application. My son was added to waiting list. I wanted to apply under medical and social reasons but my son was on a waiting list to psychologist for so I didn’t have any professional information . Just  GP’s Dr letters and referrals. I didn’t provide the medical evidence so my application was treated under distance rules. I have another 14 days to make appeal application. 
We literally saw psychologist last Friday (two days ago 20/10/23 ). 
I don’t know yet which place on a waiting list is my son but was told by learning trust that can still add medical evidence and statements to directly to school. 

How medical evidence and statement can change the situation? 

How the best prepare  for appeal so my son can get faster entrance into new school ? 

I was exactly at the same point in my life last year and my son was second on the waiting for the same school I applied again now. 
However, someone mislead us and we took offer of another school and we cannot wait to leave it . 

The current school ignored my son’s needs for 10 months. School was informed the my son is on a waiting list for psychologist abs despite that they didn’t provide any support for my son at all. 

My son doesn’t attend school for the last past 2 weeks and 3 days due to emotional distress.  He has previously nerve breakdowns as he was in too struck school before. 

Does anyone can advise, help, support here? 

I am so angry on myself that I did went through appeal last time and accepted the offer of my son’s current school (school who twisted they own police’s to they own needs no children’s needs). 

Let me know please if is here anyone with similar experience. 





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