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Where are the writers and fighters.

onebigvoice Scope Member Posts: 731 Pioneering
Hi all,
  I have seen on here that helpers and poem writers are becoming less.
get your writing juices flowing and lets get ready for christmas.
  We need a thought, a prayer or even a memory of christmas past?  (or future)
I don't want to set the theme as I am still comming to the realisation of going from a cold and wet climate for a holiday in "ICELAND"
  Although I could have done with lots more sun, the "mankini" came in handy in the hot tub even if it was snowing.....
  Its things like this that make memories, that when we are a little under the weather (no pun intended) that a warm "douvie" a cup of hot chocolate and a view out the window with the rain or snow lashing down can help recharge the batteries.
  A little treat by making your favorite food, or the pride in decorating that room that took so long to get motivated yet now its done can't understand why you didn't start earlier.
  It all comes down to one thing MOTIVATION.
  SO, come on Admin and other posters, its not all about gloom and doom, its getting you to be you, and think what I need to fix me.
  Go and sit out the back, put some bread down and watch the birds, in the back bedroom or just look out the window when its not so good out side and think some one is enjoying this?  And turn it round so you can see the benefits not the problems.
  My friend travelled 65 MILES to Porthcawl just to see the storm crashing over the lighthouse.
  Got some good shots, so don't hide tell us your favorite joke, or memory, or turn it into a poem?  It doesn't have to rhyme, have we got a title for this years Scope book of verse and ideas?




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