Do you have any suggestions on how to break my bad luck streak, whether I'm dating online or inrl? — Scope | Disability forum
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Do you have any suggestions on how to break my bad luck streak, whether I'm dating online or inrl?

Splatmate24 Community member Posts: 360 Courageous
I'm seem to be on a bad luck streak with dating in RL or online. I blocked some of the users that saw profiles that don't have any bio , short bio , got snapchat in their bio or Instagram in their bio on profile. These are only ones that have a lot of them on online dating apps and dating sites. I only got asked one to rate a **** and I sent no and did block him. For some reason i still get men that are from USA that keep on messaging me and i do kept rejecting them and did send no. Very weird message that you did send me. I'm not looking or interested in a long distance relationship. Some weird message i got sent from some were men were are my queen, are okay travel to usa and stay in his house and i said no and did block these men. I also did get some women from the USA. One woman sent a message that I was very attracted to her and she sent a message that she was lesbian. I sent no I'm not interested in women or attracted to women. Second women sent I'm looking for a long term relationship. Sent same thing, I'm not interested or attracted to women. I did block two of the women that did message. I did look at their profile both from USA and I think they one woman was bi and one women said was straight on her profile. I'm not here to attract women. I'm here to attract men only and I'm only has to be attracted to men or be interested in men. Do you have any suggestions on how to break my bad luck streak, whether I'm dating online or inrl?


  • Hannah_Scope
    Hannah_Scope Posts: 7,194 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @Splatmate24

    I am so sorry you feel you are having a bad luck streak. I was concerned about the messages from the USA, I do think they may be spam. I have heard of accounts of people saying they are from the USA and want to date, targeting people on social media sites, like Instagram. Make sure you report them to the dating app just to be extra safe. 

    I honestly don't think you are having a bad luck streak; I think it is just that time of year! So many people will have busy home lives, finding the time to see all their family and friends, getting end of year projects done with work...etc. I think it may be a good idea to take a break and take some time for you. Spend the holidays with your family and friends and start again in the New Year! 

    The beginning of the year usually sees more people on dating apps :)
    Hannah - She / Her

    Online Community Coordinator @ Scope

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  • Splatmate24
    Splatmate24 Community member Posts: 360 Courageous
    edited November 2023
    Hannah_Scope i  knew some of them were scam and I did blocked them . i don't have a good relationship with my parents or one sister . that i can't comment about anything .  i don't think i had good relationship with my mum . yep takes tons of break through this year to. nothing seem to change .


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