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Discharge fro Hospital to Home

dkb123 Community member, Scope Member Posts: 166 Pioneering
edited January 4 in Coffee lounge
I have been discharged from Hospital after a Hip Replacement and on the day of discharge ,i had a fall and fractured my femer ,so back to bed . i stayed there for 5 days on bedrest until I was operated on with Pins and plates ,recovered and stayed for 9 days ,when i was discharged home 
there was all sorts of comunications difficulties and the left hand not knowing what the right was doing 
But it made it home 
My xpertner who I have been seperated from for 3 years was without ajob so sgreed to look after me in the short term ,but if he was offered ajob he would have to take it 
I understand the the care is free for 4 weeks after adischarge ,so they surgested that I retain one of the 4 visits aday I was entitle to just as aplace holder 
I have read that friends can be payed directly if it fits in with the care plan and they are not relatives or spouses 
How do I go about setting this in motion ,as all I can get out of the Hospital discharge team is that its free for 4 weeks then it is taken over by the Community team 

  Any advice 



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