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A very odd problem

harry01 Community member Posts: 217 Courageous
I would really appreciate anyone to discuss this with me. My whole experience with this over now very nearly 9 years has caused me great distress.

You think it can't happen and yet it's absolutely happening. Unscrupulous seller on Amazon marketplace sells me this 'thing' and I put it on my skin and it stays on my skin like some very strange biological organism.

A greasy yellow thing that has do far evaded every doctor and dermatologist. It's amounted to them essentially calling me mad. I wasn't concerned so much initially. I assumed that the doctor would respond to it. Then the nightmare began: 'theres nothing there.', they said. 

How can I mistake a greasy, slightly smelly thing on my skin with all the nerve endings on my skin? I can't believe this. I thought that we were an advanced nation in science. This has really opened my eyes.

I have lived for so long with a functional pain disorder. A separate issue that was initially started from a back injury/spasm. Later it's chronicity damaged my mental health and I had psychosomatic muscular spasms or functional symptoms. 

It leaves you in a very lonely place already. I felt entirely invisible. Getting this item off Amazon marketplace and then the skin condition with the response just was too much. 

It has been so difficult for me. I am just constantly undermined. My very senses. The detection system that serves me. Just ignored, my account ignored. 

What on earth does one do? Several complaints made to hospitals GP surgeries, then the ombudsman and still waiting for treatment. 

I really despair of all of it and I fundamentally cannot understand. I cannot understand that they seem to utterly fail to understand. Their own limitations? I don't know and I am writing my thoughts and puzzlement for anyone to share. 

I still hope someone will listen...


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