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Hi, my name is hamsafar! Looking for advice about right to buy

hamsafar Community member Posts: 2 Listener

I need some help about right to buy council property. Thanks


  • woodbine
    woodbine Community member Posts: 11,656 Disability Gamechanger
    @hamsafar hi and welcome to scope exactly what help do you need ?
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  • Rosie_Scope
    Rosie_Scope Posts: 2,240 Scope online community team
    Hello @hamsafar, welcome to the community :)

    I'll put your post into our housing section where more people can find it. What kind of help or advice do you need about right to buy? 

    Our members are all very friendly and helpful, so I'm sure if you explain what you need they can give some good advice. 
    Rosie (she/her)

    Online Community Coordinator @ Scope

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  • chiarieds
    chiarieds Community member Posts: 16,103 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @hamsafar - & welcome to the community from me also. In general, altho it's a lengthy guide, there's this: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/your-right-to-buy-your-home-a-guide--2/your-right-to-buy-your-home-a-guide
    Otherwise this is just about my eldest daughter's experience with this scheme. Her local authority took into account not only how long she'd been a tenant of her current home, but also how long she'd been a tenant in other properties within the same local authority.
    First she enquired about this right to buy scheme filling in a RTB1 form. Next a surveyor was sent out to give the council a current valuation of her home. Then her local authority worked out what she'd need to pay applying a discount for the length of time she'd been a tenant with them, & she had 12 weeks from the time of the valuation to then decide whether to proceed or not.
    She decided to proceed, employing a solicitor, who looked into appropriate surveys (mining, drainage and water, environmental and local search). These will vary dependent on the individual circumstances, tho some/all may not be necessary, unless needing a mortgage, but please be guided by a solicitor. 
    If I remember correctly, then having purchased her home, if she sold it within 5 years, there was a decreasing sliding scale of monies she'd have to pay back to her local authority due to the discount she'd been given, so a lot to be taken into consideration.

  • hamsafar
    hamsafar Community member Posts: 2 Listener
    woodbine said:
    @hamsafar hi and welcome to scope exactly what help do you need ?

    Thank you. I am a disable person and I live in a council flat. I applied for right to buy and council agreed. They sent me letter that I can buy the property. unfortunately I couldn't get mortgage on time. It was few days over the time limit(three months). My council told me that I need to apply again. I applied again but this time council denied and told me that your property is disabled adapted property. It was very strange that frist they agreed and then denied. It is a ground floor flat and there is just a folding seat in wet room,nothing else adapted. I don't know what to do?. I will appreciate if someone guide me in this scenario. Thanks


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