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It's pancake day! How do you eat yours?

Albus_Scope Posts: 4,210 Scope online community team
edited February 13 in Coffee lounge
So today is one of my favorite days of all time, pancake day! Or Shrove Tuesday. 

Christians believe that the 40 days before Easter (called Lent) mark the time that Jesus spent fasting in the desert. Traditionally, Christians would spend this time praying and fasting, which meant not eating a range of foods including meat, eggs, fats and milk.

The days leading up to Lent (known as ‘Shrovetide’) were a time for celebrating before the strict rules started. Children would go ‘Shroving’ or ‘Lent-crocking’ on Shrove Tuesday, which meant knocking on their neighbours’ doors and singing:

"We be come a-shroving,
For a piece of pancake,
Or a bite of bacon,
Or a little truckle of cheese
Of your own making."

Whilst not allowed to eat 'luxury foods' like dairy or meat, people would often try and bend the rules a bit and dine on beaver tails, because they lived by the water and ducks (or barnacle geese as they were known) were allowed as they spent a lot of time in the water, so they were kind of like fish, which was allowed. 

Why pancakes?  Well people had to use up all their produce that would go off during that time, so pancakes seemed like an easy option, plus you can have whatever you want in them. :)

OK, less of the history lesson, let's talk about the important (for me) bit, PANCAKES!

I'm a huge fan of good old lemon and sugar, on proper thin pancakes. I wont try and flip them as every pancake made is very precious to me. ;)

If I'm feeling very fancy, I'll have some Argentine Dulce de Leche with a bit of vanilla ice cream. 

So the big question that the whole team need to know, is how to you have your pancakes? Sweet or Savory? Loads, or only a couple? Nice and thin, or Scotch pancake style?

Let us know!

Albus (he/him)

Online Community Coordinator @ Scope

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It's pancake day! How do you eat yours? 11 votes

Sugar and lemon
Adrian_Scopemichael57Beaver79WhatTheGlitchJimm_ScopeAlbus_ScopeRosie_Scope 8 votes
durhamjaide2001 1 vote
Apple and cinnamon
Savory (bacon, cheese etc)
Other (Let us know below)
Sandy_123Biblioklept 2 votes



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