Lees poem that I have written and will be reading at his funeral on 4th march — Scope | Disability forum
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Lees poem that I have written and will be reading at his funeral on 4th march

marybottomley Community member Posts: 887 Pioneering


L stands for the love lee had for me even when things got tough 

E stands for him encouraging me to go after my dreams even when I didn’t believe I could do it

E stands for the way lee explained things in the way that everyone understood and at the same time including everyone in the conversation 

A stands for how Lee accepted everyone for who they were no what disability race believes or sexuality they were 

N stands for naughty silly streak lee had in him

D stands for delight in lee’s face when he saw our friends and me achieving our goals and potential 

R stands for reassurance knowing that lee had your back in good and especially in bad times 

E stands for excitable lee got when me or our friends accomplished things for the first time by ourselves or with right support 

W stands for lee wanting to help everyone 

B stands for lee being brilliant at making everyone smile especially me

O stands for outstanding volunteering work lee did

T stands for tenderness and compassion Lee showed to everyone 

T stands for lee thinking of everyone else before himself 

O stands for lee observing and going to help friends and family especially when they were in trouble 

M stands lee making me laugh when I was down

L stand for lee liking everyone until they upset him which was not very often 

E stands for lee being expressive with his whole body 

Y stands for lee acting younger than he was in his silly moments 

Thank you for not only being my husband but my best friend 

Also for being the key to my heart and unlocking the love inside 

Finally for helping me on the journey of accepting that I am worthy of love and kindness and acceptance 

Rest in peace lee Andrew Bottomley my beautiful teddy bear who has now gained his angel wings and halo

All my love

Mary sweet pea xxxx




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