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Disdability rights and campaigning

onebigvoice Scope Member Posts: 741 Pioneering
Further to the last post on this and that many should have had letters now stating a change to the Social Care Act.  I have written this to add to the E!mail your MP found and sent to me by Scope for a meeting 6th March 2024.
  After many years the Social Care Act has again highlighted the need to review claims for access to benefits both Financially and also how Social Care needs are assessed.  We have a perfectly good NHS system that has been running since its conception very well.  But over the years it has now been added to the financial costs of care.  The Social Care Act has been tweaked to respond to the changes in Care needs, and in 2011 and 2014 many changes were made.  However, the government linked the ability to access treatment to access for financial support.  Two different concepts.  In doing so gave decision-makers who do not have a medical background the ability to decide whether "extra support" in either category, restricting both at the cost of the claimant.  Again wording to remedy this error has been made but still find even today the same restrictions to both Finance and more importantly treatment are still being refused by decision makers.  THREE further cases are being shown to me today (05/03/2024)  The only way to stop this is accountability.  You as an MP must show the errors from the top in parliament, stop this lip service, and start delivering what changes are being made to the Social Care Act and make the decision makers responsible for their reports and include the assessment companies that took over from the NHS and are being paid our money for a service that was done, and still is being done by the NHS but questioned and restricted by Parliament for treatment at source.   

  I have written further posts on another site which explains the changes to the Social Care act reviewed in OCT!OBE!R! 2023, and reading in Parliament but placed on the books in January 2024.  Bullet point 6 covers MANAGING PROVIDER FAILURE, AND INCLUDES information on managing provider failure.  T!"he document I" wrote provided a breakdoiwn oif the "6" bullet points but the Act makes sure there are no grey areas and includes the D!"uties and powers of local athorities under the Act.  S!"o when you contact your MP, or the minister for health in your area, they can no longer say its out side my remit.
  Social Care and financial care are TWO different areas where w12e are struggling because the government want to link every thing.  This is O K by me but make sure that they are done under the Charters and Laws that are in place for this.  Hopefully accountability stops here, or should I say with them, to show supporting evidence.
  The Act also states that they are looking back to 6th APRIL 2016.  So if you have had a decision which you feel was incorrect or you did not fill out because you suffered from Issues and it was to much for you send a letter in asking them to recheck your claim.  They are now duty bound since the assessments completed are suspect.
(as a matter of fact: The Social Care Act 2014 receivbed Royal Assenton 14th May 2014.  Overhauling the 60 year old system introduced on the 9th May 2013.)  what changed then to now?
  I know, but do you, as I was involved with this in 2014 in London.   


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