Me and my daughter. Daughter needs ASD assessment, how can I speed this up? — Scope | Disability forum
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Me and my daughter. Daughter needs ASD assessment, how can I speed this up?

kayla_p Community member Posts: 1 Listener
Hi I am mum to a very bright young girl who has struggled with selective mute for over 6 years I fighted her school to get some support as she has sensory issues with noise loudspeaker food clothes touch and  expressing  emotions I am her advocate and I’ve pushed doctors and school for years and doctors told me I have to go through school which school just kepted brushing me off saying i was overthinking when I know my child she wouldn’t tell them if she needed toilet or needed  a drink or even if she felt sick so when I used to pick her up she was sweating and told me everything she couldn’t say at school from them ignoring me has made things worst cause now she is in big school but hasn’t been for months as they was fighting for to wear something comfortable that she would wear so now am bringing her school and her aixxetty is that bad am sat in the reception five minutes with her cause she won’t let me go so then we come home  as she will not stay there So she is with me 247 the teacher at the school is telling me selective mute and autism and he was disgusted  in what the old teachers didn’t see or tell him anything that’s been going on over 5 to six years so I am now getting support but having to wait for a test that should of happened years ago and maybe they would be more things in place to help her and myself she freezes in the reception of the school with her teddy in front of her face and shake whilst handing my hand and now I have to wait till next year as the list is a long wait is they a quicker way I can get a test done somewhere  and how much would it be ? 



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