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I have ADHD, challenged my appeal in tribunal and was successful!

JerryR21 Community member Posts: 2 Connected
Hi all, just wanted to share my experience with you and hopefully it might help someone in their process.

I finally worked up the courage to seek help for ADHD at the age of 27. I always knew I was not “normal”. I started the process of getting a diagnosis in 2019. 

In November 2021 I was given a diagnosis of ADHD and at its highest form. I started treatment but I struggled so much with just remembering to take my medication. 

Around mid 2022 my ADHD nurse advised I could be eligible for PIP but any type of forms or applications or paperwork does not get done (as anyone with adhd knows what a huge struggle this can be) so I actually came onto this site and there was a lot of advice to seek professional help. 

I reached out to my local citizens advice and I met this lovely lady Kate who honestly has been my guardian angel. She helped me from filling in the forms, to advising me of the next steps and what to expect etc. I applied officially in June 2022 for ADHD, Anxiety and Depression.

October 2022 I had to attend my face to face assessment. Honestly it was not great. The lady seemed like she did not care (probably not their job too) and I know she did not listen to anything I was saying. Just picking at everything I said and trying to put words in my mouth. I remembered the advice Kate gave me which was “don’t agree with what they say if it isn’t true and don’t be afraid to say that what they said is not correct” for example she would say “so you don’t need help showering at all” where it’s actually I need help getting to the shower and getting out. 

As expected I only received 2 points for my daily living and 0 for mobility. They decided I didn’t struggled because I work 5 days a week (I have to otherwise I cannot live!) and I can drive (very rarely do I due to not being good at following journeys) I reached out to Kate who assured me not to worry and to ask for a MR straight away. She said very rarely they overturn the decision but it is part of the process.

January 2023 I received a call from DWP to go over the questions and asked why I didn’t agree. The person that called sounded like a robot just reading a script. I explained everything and was told to wait for a letter. 

March 2023 received my MR decision letter which said nothing changed. Kate said no problem we will take it to tribunal. She passed it onto a law centre and she explained sometimes it can take 6 months to hear back but to make sure I absolutely attend the appointment they give me. Unless there is an emergency. 

October 2023 I still had not heard anything back so I reached out to Kate. She said to give it some more time as they seem to be getting a lot of people going to tribunals. 

January 2024 I received my letter, my appointment was on 5th of March 2024. I was now very nervous and I let Kate know that I had now received the letter. She said someone from the law centre would contact me closer to the time and that they also had received the letter. 

February 2024 I spoke to my representative who mentioned he would not argue certain points which I agreed to but overall he was happy to agree the rest. I was super super nervous but he was great at reassuring me and explaining the situation. 

5th March 2024 it was the day of the tribunal and I was bricking it. My partner came with me (he had come to every appointment and also I depend heavily on him for my day to day) so i didn’t feel so alone. My representative joined via teams so he was not physically there but it was still good to have him there. There was also a DWP representative there. The panel consisted of a judge, doctor and a disability specialist. They asked me questions and I answered honestly. They did not try to catch me out it was just to understand how my conditions affect me daily. They asked my partner if he had anything to say and he just mentioned our daily struggles. 

The judge asked the DWP representative if she had questions but instead she had suggestions for the court. My representative also had a few points to argue. They asked if I wanted to wait for the decision but I said no thank you as waiting is a huge struggle and I’ve waited here enough. 

1 hour later, I received a call from my representative to say they had awarded me enhanced living rate and standard mobility rate! I was over the moon. I also should be back dated 2 years! So thank God and all the people that helped me. 

I know this exactly experience and outcome will not be the same for everyone but just wanted to say there is hope and don’t give up. Also get advice from professionals. 

Now just waiting for my money to arrive which will probably be another month or so but I don’t mind! I am just happy this is over for the next 4 years at least. 



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