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Meadow_Ima Community member Posts: 4 Listener
edited March 29 in Education

Hello everyone

Hope everyone is keeping well and staying safe.

I was wondering whether anyone has any information on how an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) works! 

Reason I ask is because my daughter was issued with an EHCP approximately 3 years ago and currently she still has that in place, this is why she has been able to remain in College since she left Secondary School at 16yrs old. She is now 20yrs old and we just had her annual EHCP review at College. 

Now at this review meeting we were told my daughter has reached her peak at her Academic potential and apparently she won’t be making any more progress from here on in therefore the EHCP will cease to finish after this Academic year. 

Has anyone had any similar experience and what are her options? I am worried when they take this EHCP away from her what will she do? She isn’t able to stay on in College as an adult learner as she needs one to one support, now if this is taken away from her she will just end up sitting at home doing absolutely nothing. 

I was always under the impression once the Local Authority issues an EHCP then the person in question can stay in College until they are 25yrs old regardless of whether they are making progress or not. 

The College did mention they have something called ‘Progressions’ which apparently is another kind of setting in College where my daughter will not have this one to one help that she now currently receives, it is also not a School like setting where they have to sit in a classroom at a desk and do writing etc… apparently it’s more hands on type of Community based setting where they send the students out into the Community doing Charity/Voluntary work. Now, my daughter isn’t that independent to be doing something like that, she is extremely vulnerable, she isn’t able to go out into the Community herself and get on with this voluntary work. 

Is there anyone on here that has been in a similar situation as us and can help us with any advice/suggestions or any information please.

May I thank everyone for taking the time to read this, ‘Thank You!’



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