Hi, my name is keith58! Which PIP letter do I need for car tax?

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I got a certificate with a number on it . For free car tax its a car tax on going. All I do now is type in the number then the certificate number.
Done go's through get a text telling me it's taxed.
But my wife as not done it before as her old car was only 20. So she never bother now why dos she have to get a up to date letter.
But on the 1st pip award there is a letter bit on page nine say s ur award is on going there's a certificate number as well.
Don't know why this is not good enough everyone the went for the pip medical and got the enhanced rate go's through the things that made up ur score then on page 9 it's says ur award is on going so u are in titled to free car tax take this with your renewal form to the post office she as got to take her v5 with the change of vehicle to disable.as it states its on going. That on page nine should be enough. Why the post office need a letter with the new amount on it.
Ok 1st time to the post but I guarantee that u do it over the phone and quote that number it would be except.
I am one of  the lucky ones as mine is a car tax exemption certificate 
I have used from one I was on the old disability pension when we went to pip I just got sent the same certificate. So I have used this certificate with the number that as been the same since 2009.
When it went to pip on the orginal award letter it says as long as u are on going use that. Its the post office are the problem that why pip put that page 9 on the award letter