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Help … how to I get though to esa when I can’t get though to them ..

aliuk96 Community member Posts: 11 Listener
Hello all 
I’m very frustrated as I have been trying for the last 48 hours to get though to ESA on the phone and I haven’t be able to . On the 23/04/2024 I wait over 1 hour to get though to them and they then cut me off… I really do need to get to contact with them .. do you have any other ways of getting in contact with them other then by phone or letter .  I’m  worried they may close my esa down cos they  didn’t answer me last Thursday about a telephone appointment that I was try to rearrange. Can amy one help ????
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  • Albus_Scope
    Albus_Scope Posts: 5,706 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @aliuk96 Please try not to worry, many people are having issues with DWP phonelines recently, so you're not alone. Many regulars have said the best time to call is when lines open at 9am and to just keep trying, as frustrating as that is!
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  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Community member Posts: 57,250 Disability Gamechanger
    Unfortunately there’s no other way of contacting them. For ESA the telephone lines open at 8am rather than 9am, so try ringing then.

    Was the telephone appointment a work capability assessment? 
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  • peters77
    peters77 Community member Posts: 9 Listener
    If it’s for a work capability assement you can call the number on the appointment letter to re-arrange. 

  • flour
    flour Community member Posts: 78 Courageous
    @aliuk96 You'll be as well to write a letter instead explaining the situation on the phones and what you've tried to do.

    Further, save money when sending the letter you can use 'Free Post' which means you don't need to buy a stamp.
    And for peace of mind you can get free 'Proof of Postage' from a post office counter.

    You'll need the free post at the top and then the full address underneath with post code (for proof of postage).

    Heres an example of what it should look like on the envelope:

    Freepost DWP ESA 1
    ESA Aberdeen
    Mail Handling Site A
    WV98 2AR

    The first line is the Free-post (so you don't have to buy a stamp) and then the lines below that are the normal address (needed for proof of postage at the post office counter).

    Once you've got proof of postage you're covered if there is an issue with the DWP. A judge will accept that the DWP should have received it an acted up on what your letter said. Even if it takes them a few weeks to scan it on to their system - that's not your problem its the departments own issue.

    Below is a list of free post addresses for ESA to add to your envelope.

    Aberdeen ESA Freepost DWP ESA 1
    Barnsley ESA Freepost DWP ESA 38
    Basildon ESA Freepost DWP ESA 2
    Bathgate ESA Freepost DWP ESA 3
    Belfast ESA Freepost DWP ESA 4
    Birkenhead ESA Freepost DWP ESA 5
    Bury St Edmunds ESA Freepost DWP ESA 7
    Caerphilly ESA Freepost DWP ESA 8
    Canterbury ESA Freepost DWP ESA 39
    Chippenham ESA Freepost DWP ESA 10
    Clydebank ESA Freepost DWP ESA 11
    Greenock ESA Freepost DWP ESA 14
    Hackney ESA Freepost DWP ESA 40
    Handsworth ESA Freepost DWP ESA 15
    Hanley ESA Freepost DWP ESA 16
    Hull ESA Freepost DWP ESA 17
    Llanelli ESA Freepost DWP ESA 18
    Merthyr Tydfil ESA Freepost DWP ESA 21
    Oldham ESA Freepost DWP ESA 23
    Peterborough ESA Freepost DWP ESA 24
    Plymouth ESA Freepost DWP ESA 25
    Preston ESA Freepost DWP ESA 26
    St Austell ESA Freepost DWP ESA 27
    St Helens ESA Freepost DWP ESA 28
    Stockton ESA Freepost DWP ESA 29
    Stratford ESA Freepost DWP ESA 20
    Sunderland ESA Freepost DWP ESA 30
    Wellingborough ESA Freepost DWP ESA 33
    Wolverhampton ESA Freepost DWP ESA 34
    Worcester ESA Freepost DWP ESA 35
    Worthing ESA Freepost DWP ESA 36
    Remember that people come on to this forum who may be in a vulnerable state and kindness goes a long way. Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.
  • tippi
    tippi Community member Posts: 22 Listener

    DWP are a joke. My son had a letter from DWP in January saying he's been overpaid ESA. We replied saying the dates of any overpayment were wrong in their letter and provided evidence of correct dates. We had no response so rang on 4 occasions (an hour long wait each time for the phone to be picked up) only to each time get through to a DWP agent working from home who said they will pass our information on and someone will ring back. No one did. After 6 weeks we went to our local Benefits Office (14 miles away) who could not help but said they will pass our information on and someone would ring back. No one did. 2 weeks later we went back to the Benefits Office and the same thing happened. After 2 months I emailed my MP and his PA rang the DWP and funny old thing the next day we got a call from DWP to say sorry but they were busy! We were told to put in a Mandatory Reconsideration even though we had never had any response to our letter! We did this MR on 14 March and have since heard mothing.

    The DWP is a joke. They take hours to answer phone calls. They don't help, they just pass messages on. They don't have an email address to contact them. The original January DWP letter was from a mail handling site so we have no idea who is dealing with the issue or even where they are! They are completely anonymous.

    We are now 19 weeks on from receiving their letter and are still in the dark. Echoes here of the Post Office scandal. No concern or compassion shown. Useless help system. People treated like ****. I don't want any help from here but I thought I'd post this so that others in similar positions to us realise you are not alone!

  • tippi
    tippi Community member Posts: 22 Listener

    Those DWP addresses above mean little. They are just mail handling centres. You can never speak to anyone there who can help. You can't get through to them on the phone. You have no idea where your letter ends up or who is dealing with it. As in my post above - a complete joke of a system.

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