Confirmed having ptsd

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Hi to all,

Last week via talking therapies,they confirmed I have ptsd.I have also been accepted on the waiting list for autism(nearly one year ago)

In July 2023 I put in for pip,and made them aware of being on the waiting list for both conditions,as my mental health was under a mental health nurse and still is as present.

My tribunal is next month(first time applying),and I am currently seeking advice from a welfare law centre.I was advised to get prove of confirmation of ptsd,which I am doing,and the tribunal already have prove of being on the autism waiting list.

My question is has anyone else had both conditions at the same time at all?,and do you think the tribunal will look at my situation fairly,as both conditions really do have such a impact on my life,and at my assessment the assessor I think didnt really write a accurate report.I only scorced 4 points on daily living and 0 for mobility.

Any advice would be grateful.Thankyou