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Partners pip i feel i need to talk about this, it's just turning into a nightmare.

BlackfoxCadara Community member Posts: 17 Connected

Warning it's a big post. but i feel it REALLY NEEDS writing down somewhere.

So we've run into a big BIG problem with my partners pip, he did he's assessment the day after he had a REALLY LONG ESA assessment. they made sure to target the dates we could not get an advocate/support worker from our local elderly and disability support group and would not allow him to change the appointments so that she could be added into the phone call.
after an almost 2h assessment for ESA, the day before, when it came to PIP the following day it only lasted less then 1h they kept asking him the SAME questions, and he'd started to stress out so badly he was not only getting angry, he was starting to become non verbal due to how distressed he had become.

My partner claimed Pip back in 2017 due to issues with his lower back and his mental health (anxity and depression), and it all went though with out a problem. he was due for his original re-assessment in 2020 but that's when Covid chaos happened (as it did for everyone) and they delayed his assessment left him with an ongoing claim until they got around to it late 2023 where they sent him forms to fill in. We filled them out siting there was no change and some things had in fact gotten worse on mental health issues. He then had assessment around February.

Then 8th march they just suddenly stopped his PIP and they didn't even contact us about it AT all!. the first we found out about it is when my carers allowance didn't come in that weekend, throwing our finances into chaos leaving us unable to pay bills such as rent, council tax and so forth due to this happening with out warning. so we were left the whole weekend stressing out because no one i needed to call was going to be in until the Monday.

come Monday i phoned carers to find out what was going on, and it was them who told me "we stopped paying you because your partners pip has stopped, and we don't need to inform you" which i still to this day thing was wrong. I then phoned my landlord, the council, and everyone i pay bills to to let them know what was about to happen due to lack of funds and why. (i posted up here about it at the time as i was mentally in a bad place). Everything to do with the claim we'd only been told on phone. so i then had to get him to call ESA to let them know i was no longer getting carers, at first they were like "well it shouldn't effect your claim" 10 mins later he phoned back realising the ESA is a joint claim and there for the carers should be added back to the ESA, as it was taken out of ESA for carers. so we go that back, but he was shocked my partner didn't get his PIP as he was being awarded a higher rate of ESA and being moved from working group to support. group, he then set off the M.R for us. and put in a complaint over the lack of communication. ( side note it wasn't until may my partners letter about his pip arrived, a month after they stopped paying him. ) and the comments in the letter don't even seem to match his claim AT ALL

thankfully I managed to get most of my bills to agree to let us pay the following month while we tried to get our money sorted again. thankfully our local council gave us some Hardship funds to cover rent. we took out a budget loan to quickly cover the most urgent bills to prevent those going into default and starting legal mess on top of everything (so far)

CAB tried to help us abit at this point, though there was already little they could do. They asked us to get copies of our medical stuff from our Drs as we could request that online. ONLY for us to find out that in the location move our Drs had lost everything. i still can't get my head around it, a lot of my medical history is missing, and my partners was bad as well. meaning we could not get the things we needed for the PIP claim in time for the MR. we got the the MR result Wednesday 19th of June, and it was done by the same guy with yet more comments that still make no sense to my partners claim, the local support group can't help because they are now short staffed (though before that I'd gotten a lecture from a now no longer there person about how she felt we were taking the P.. because she failed to understand just how crazy our situation really is and again i posted somewhere around these forums about that to), CAB is also short staffed at the moment and can only help with forms and writing stuff. and this is ALL made worse by the fact nether me or my partner can drive, and our public transport is non-existent in the village, the nearest bus stop is a near 3 mile (2.7 miles to be exact) track to a main road, via an unmaintained exposed to all elements steep uphill road that neither mine or my partners physical health will let us tackle anymore. it drive me crazy knowing we are having trouble attending medical appointments due to travel limitations, our ring and ride system is badly limited due to lack of funding, we have a weekly community bus that comes so early we wouldn't have time to have medication before trying to catch it. and even then with things as they are now, we wouldn't even have the money for bus fair, as he's never been given a disable bus pass because they keep refusing to ackloawge mobility in the points. they always awarded him randomly and now they wont give him more than 2 point, and ignored everything else they've been told.

I am at my wits end at this point. i feel like the system hasn't just been stacked against us to gaslight us and gilt trip us right now i feel like it's one of those conspiracy theories where they purposefully target people with intent to cause cruelty and distress, my partner is at the point he doesn't have the fight in him anymore and with our medical records missing we can't even get the stuff we need to take this to tribunal. How do we even go forward from here.


  • Albus_Scope
    Albus_Scope Posts: 5,552 Disability Gamechanger

    I'm so sorry to hear this @BlackfoxCadara that sounds like quite the battle! Regarding your medical history, if you are able to download the NHS app onto your phone, you can access it that way. That's what I've had to do in the past. The next step will be a tribunal, which you can request. MRs tend to have a low rate of success, so please don't feel too disheartened there.

    So to get the timeline straight, your husband had a pip review in February and the PIP was just stopped in March? This seems odd as they should always send a letter out stating their verdict on the review? Did you receive anything at all from them?

    Albus (he/him)

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  • BlackfoxCadara
    BlackfoxCadara Community member Posts: 17 Connected

    yes they stopped it 6th of march with the last payment they gave him being 8th of march, my carers stopped that same week as a direct result and in that time. there was no communication except for a text message saying they were now looking at his claim, as to the letter they clamed it was it was "lost in the post". They (DWP) have been giving him a lot of hassle in the run up to this with messing around with payments, while i know the two are supposedly not relegated other then why they are claimed, ESA in the October November of 2023 constantly not sending payments though to him prompting us to have to keep phoning them up. I know they do that once in a while to check for "fraud" or "that you are alive" or the most common "computer error" (which is what they kept saying) but it felt really targeted to keep doing it every payment for 2 months, making it impossible to balance the books. and now this with PIP as well.

    As to the NHS app, i can't even find so much as my childhood vaccines, it's like until 3 months ago we never even existed which is just out right strange. I still can't get my head around it.

  • BlackfoxCadara
    BlackfoxCadara Community member Posts: 17 Connected

     relegated = Related (sorry attack of the auto correct)

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