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Beaumont College

joanxx Community member Posts: 1 Listener
Hi anyone thinking of sending there child to Beaumont college where they have day students aswell as live in students shouldnt think twice it is a wonderfull place everyone is so freindly and caring.
My daughter has just left there in july after 3 wonderfull years she was a live in student which I was very scared of doing as my daughter has never stayed anywere more than a few days without me.
this place was wonderfull she learned so much and most of all she learned how to be independant which is something i had never dreamed of if someone had said to me 5 years ago about her being able to lead a [normal life]whatever that may be,i wouldnt of belived them she done a lot of things teenagers do like going to the pub managing her own money going to concerts out for meals which we did as a family anyway but she got the confidence to be able to order and pay for her own things and get buses and taxis on her own and being able to no where she was going and when to get of the bus.
i can not praise this place enough as now my daughter has left there she is now living in a house [without me]doing what all youngsters do and sharing with 3 other girls and having the time of her life[which is something i had never ever dreamed of i thought she would be with me forever] i am sad that she is gone but i am so happy about the life she now has and she does come and see me once a week for tea but then she cant wait to get back home so thanks to Beaumont for all that you do


  • leximillie
    leximillie Community member Posts: 1 Listener

    I just wanted to second that opinion. I worked as a speech therapy assistant at Beaumont years ago. At the time I didn't knwo a great deal about special education and thought Beaumont-standard was the norm. Now, years and many special schools later, i truly realise what a gold standard place it is. The emphasis was always on individual ability and independence. something other services give lip service to but often fail to implement so whole heartedly and with such enthusiasm.
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