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Shoes to fit over AFO’s

Hi All,

Does anyone have any suggestions for shoes that fit over AFO's?

Our boy (aged 3.5) has just been given hinged AFO's which we are struggling to get shoes to fit over them ? If we get them wide enough to fit comfortably, they are so long that he struggles to walk in them ?




  • braggerbragger Member Posts: 1

    Hi Steve,

    In the first instance have you been offered surgical shoes? Some Orthotists will prescribe them for you and others need permission from either the Physio or Consultant. If you haven't been offered any then ask !I f you are concerned about the appearance of surgical shoes they are so much better than they used to be years ago. They can be seen in catalogues and can be selected e.g style and colour to accomodate the afo's the orthotist can do all of this for you.

    If you can't have any then consider a trainer style shoe. Good quality leather trainers can accomodate afo's especially if you remove the existing inner sole this gives extra width and depth as every mm is crucial. Good quality does not mean expensive brands like nike or addidas but pehaps clarks or startrite.

    I hope this is of some help.

    Kind regards


  • nicky47nicky47 Member Posts: 1


    We have found for our son that Sketchers trainers are the easiest if not somewhat expensive though! We have purchased these in Brantano's they seem to be wider than other shoes and therefore can get the hinged joint in.

  • stevehello1234stevehello1234 Member Posts: 4

    Thanks guys. yeah we use trainers at the moment which are just about OK (boy do they get wrecked quickly though!)

    I think we're getting some shoes from the hospital soon - the problem is they seem to take 4 weeks to arrive and by then he'll have grown out of them :(

  • TJ100TJ100 Member Posts: 3

    I had the same problem, still do! I go to Shoe Zone and get the black/white trainers with the Velcro as they are pretty wide and are adjustable with the velcro straps and the good thing is they don't cost the earth.

    Hope that helps

  • amber90amber90 Member Posts: 1
    Hi Steve i had the same problem with my daughter i now get my daughter shoes from the USA they are made to fit over AFO's amazing shoes really easy to put on the website is armbraces.com the shoes are called hatchback shoes :) hope that helps
  • wugglywuggly Member Posts: 1
    hi I was reading your page and wondered if you had heard of an american site. www.armbraces.com .they have some lovely 'normal' looking shoes and they are hinged to facilitate any kind of splint.

  • Andrea0607Andrea0607 Member Posts: 4

    have you had any luck?
    i am having the same problem with my little man who has just turned 4.
    only this morning i have been into my local clarks who are going to order 2 pairs of boots, 1 pair a 12 and 1 pair a size 9. if they don't look too silly and little man can walk in them they give you a discount on the 2nd pair. i have tried every shoe shop i can think of. although i haven't tried the website someone has mentioned think i'll make that my next stop.

    good luck
  • acrossthepondacrossthepond Member Posts: 36
    Hi All,

    I use adult AFO's but one of the things that used to work for me was removing the insoles. It gave me a little more room for the braces. Now, I find that just using sneakers that are a wide-width and a couple of sizes larger works for me.

    It takes time to try on the various brands of sneakers to get the right size but it works. I don't buy expensive ones, ever. Our discount department stores usually have a brand I can use. I just need to take the time to try on different sizes, while wearing my AFO's, so I know how easily I can get the sneakers on and off.

    At first, you may need to go through trial and error to get the right size. After awhile, it will be easier to determine.

    As for winter boots, a friend just gave me a pair of waterproof over-boots to put over my shoes when I go out this winter in the snow. They have velcro closures and I can easily get them over my AFO's. I am sure they will remove just as easily when I reach my destination.

    Perhaps they have something similar for children. My friend said she found the ones she gave me in a sporting goods type store.

    I hope this helps. Regards, Joyce

  • gemma1462gemma1462 Member Posts: 2

    I work with students in their early teens who have cerebral palsy, we went shopping recently to buy them new shoes to fit over their AFO's.

    We found some good school shoes in discount shoe shops like shoezone, brantano if not then you could try mandmdirect.com (outlet designer store).

    Hope this helps
  • ScopeHelplineScopeHelpline Member Posts: 209 Courageous
    Posted on behalf of a parent by forums moderator:

    I don't have an account with your website but perhaps an administrator could add the following links - the shoes are expensive on all three sites but they beat wearing trainers all the time!




  • adamsmomadamsmom Member Posts: 1
    hi there - our son also has AFO's (he's 10 now) and we find that the best thing to fit over them -even the hinged ones- without being to clumbersome are skate trainers - you can get quite inexpensive ones that look good from places like sports soccer and they tend to last better than a normal running trainer or the likes - we have searched high and low looking for a solution to this and this is the best we have so far - lets hope they dont become too "uncool" too soon xx all the best and good luck xx
  • caitlin10caitlin10 Member Posts: 6
    hello steve ive not long joined this forum and looking at the date you asked this question im yr or so behind!! but thought id reply with what i was told in jan/feb 2012 anyway lol. i was told by my little girls physio team that trainers would be the best as they can be opened wide to fit afo,s . im stll new to all this my daughters nearly 18 months and had her first afo,s in feb i went to mothercare where there is a clarkes shoe section and she was measured as a size two but her trainers are a size 4 H to fit afo,s. The staff were brilliant the one member of staff had done this before so i just left it to her and my little girl came out with some bright pink, velcro trainers that flash when she walks which she adores and the flashing makes her want to be up and about on them too. they were
  • mand7503mand7503 Member Posts: 2
    hi my son has hinged afo's we found that adidas pts fit over quite easily and for shoes the best ones are hatchback elites there quite expensive but well worth it
  • nicebootsniceboots Member Posts: 196 Pioneering
    I've worn afo's on and off since I was 5 - I'm now 25.
    I find the best shoes to fit over afos' are skate type shoes such as vans or dc's. as for school or formal shoes - you really have to shop around, I still have piedro boots for formal shoes, but am thinking of getting made to measure shoes to wear with my suit.
    Hope this helps.
  • Community_ScopeCommunity_Scope Posts: 87

    Scope community team

    If anyone is looking for further information, you may find this community post on Shoes that will fit AFOs helpful.
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