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anyone know a good solicitor to sue OT at surrey council

shrek Member Posts: 4
anyone know a good solicitor to sue OT at surrey council
i have been wait 4 month to get some help for my daughter to no joy and to be put on disabled facilities grant list for adaptations but get no were fast
to i like to find a solicior to help with this thanks


  • yetiwife
    yetiwife Member Posts: 2
    Unfortunately paediatric OT's are in short supply nationally. Here in Cornwall we have long waiting lists. The disabled facilities grant does take a long time. We are in our second year but at least we finally have plans we are happy with, having rejected a few ideas. Fingers crossed work should start this summer. I know this isn't the answer you're looking for but I hope it helps to know it's not just Surrey.
    Good luck
  • b8s
    b8s Member Posts: 33
    We are in Lincolnshire, and it is the same situation. Our daughter was on the waiting list for 15mths before plans started being made, despite numerous phone calls to OT from us and other health professionals. Two years down the line and we have just started having the foundations dug.
    It is terrible that families are left to cope, but it seems to be a national problem that needs addressing.
    Try getting your GP involved, they may be able to stress the impact the lack of support is having on your family.
  • Caren
    Caren Member Posts: 5
    Hi. We are in Kent, and have been told the wait can be months to 1-2 years, so I think to re-iterate that it is a problem nationally. Good luck
  • renacahill
    renacahill Member Posts: 145
    I think everyone should move to west yorkshire as we have had multiple agency help from the word go. Perhaps that is why our trust is in the red!
    Michelle (our OT) takes elli to the sensory room once a fortnight where he can bang on the controls and turns the bubbles on and off and changes colours.! She does other stuff too, and has recently had a special jenx chair made for him to help with his arching back (which is now a habit and not a baby reflex any longer) and he sits in it beautifully. Its a very expensive piece of kit and something we could never have afforded to buy (dont want to think of the cost as its also hydraulic). When his piedro boots cost around
  • b8s
    b8s Member Posts: 33
    Sorry if I was misunderstood in my earlier post. I was referring to social services OT and DFG's, not health O/T's who provide seating etc. We had brilliant support from all other agencies, who were just as frustrated by waiting lists for help adapting home as we were.
  • shrek
    shrek Member Posts: 4
    still on joy on dfg front
    i got a temporary ramp fit so we can get out but daugher is still stuck on sofa for every think eg wash, sleep and having pad change
    the OT are so bad
  • shrek
    shrek Member Posts: 4
    up date
    Still no joy on dfg front
    the dfg is a joke!!!!!!!!!!
    my daughter is still stuck on the sofa
    we have no carers as we have no hoist so all left to me


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