Cerebral Palsy
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trapped wind and cerebral palsy

TinatwinsmummyTinatwinsmummy Member Posts: 4
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trapped wind and cerebral palsy


  • TinatwinsmummyTinatwinsmummy Member Posts: 4
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    sorry i got confused when doing this post.

    My son bailey who had quadraplegia suffers terribly with trapped wind which affects him all day every day and wondered if anyone else has experienced this at all.He is such a happy boy when he is not in pain so it is very distressing for all when it happens.at present he finds it uncomfortable to sit in any position for longer than a few minutes
  • GuestGuest Member Posts: 1,968
    Hi, my son has had exactly the same problem for four years. Many people thought he was either being diffiicult or having reflux. He has just had to have a gastrostomy as his swallow became unsafe during an illness. The very unforseen advantage has been that we can 'vent' him now using an empty syringe and he is so much more comfortable. He is actually almost a different boy, much more cooperative and able to participate in activities more frequently. the down side is that he has developed quite severe reflux (!) but we are working on gettng a balance of meds and feeds to cope with it. The trapped wind is of course because he was unable to move around and get rid of it. Any activity such as swimming or peddling his legs should have some impact. IF we had known it was trapped wind I might have found something to treat it but we were never completely sure. A gastrostomy is a bit drastic to treat such a thing but he is so much more comfortable and now has opportunities to learn without pain.
  • mollymoobarnesmollymoobarnes Member Posts: 107

    I was wondering how Bailey is doing now - my baby son Tom has exactly the same problem - we think because his muscle tone in his mouth and throat is a bit floppy and the tone in his tummy muscles is tight so he slurps and gulps air when he is drinking his milk and then he can't get it back out again by burping (or the other way!). Any hints or tips now you are 6 months down the line from your original post? We've tried an upright feeding position, 'Thick n Easy' in his milk to make it slower to flow and more managable for him, Infant Gaviscon just in case he's getting some reflux and things are a lot better than they were but he still holds onto his wind for hours and hours and his last feed before bedtime means he then can't sleep. He gets so uncomfortable that he quite often throws up. It's horrible to see him in such discomfort.

    Maria xx
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