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Letter of Complaint

Royce22 Member Posts: 4
Our son Harry was diagnosed with Diplegia just before his first birthday. He has a condition called PVL. This appers to be almost exclusivley caused by an infection in the womb or oxygen starvation during labour. Both of which could be possible. I have recently spoken with a solicitor regarding the possibility of making a claim against the PCT. He has advised me to follow the complaints procedure with the hospital initially and to write a letter of complaint to the hospital. Can any one advice where I could get some guidance as to how to write the letter and what sort of things I should put in it.
Many thanks Roy


  • Albysmum
    Albysmum Member Posts: 10 Listener
    Hi Roy
    I would be happy to give you some advice from my own experiences, Have you got copies of all medical records. I put my letter of complaint in without seeing ours and asked all the wrong questions. Because things happened at the birth I didn't know about, its only when I received my records that I realized things were hidden from us. I would suggest you get your own copies and go from there. Has your son had an mri scan done yet to confirm PVL, did the neurologist tell you how it was caused. My son had his mri done last year we were told it was normal, when they knew we were taking legal action they rang us to tell us damage had been done to the thalamus and confirmed CP caused by lack of oxygen at birth. Be prepared for a roller coaster of emotions, finding out it could of been prevented and somebody has caused this is very hard to accept. Some more advice don't trust what they tell you, We have been lied to over and over again by the nhs, dont think there going to admit to anything, they will try to cover up everything, We have been doing this for 2 years now and waiting for reports to come back should be soon now, if you want to chat more get in touch I know how hard it is Jo
  • Royce22
    Royce22 Member Posts: 4
    Hi Jo
    Thank you for the reply. No as of yet we haven't requested Harry's records. Although everywhere we look into this that comes up, so we're going to request them soon. Yes Harry had an MRI which showed damage to the edges of the ventricules. Nobody seems to be able to pin point when the damage happened (allegedly).

    Thanks again for the advice, definatly need to ask for Harrys record before moving this onwards.

  • renacahill
    renacahill Member Posts: 145
    Hi Roy
    I think you should read a post by Richard1234 on the thread before yours about making a claim for liability. Richard says exactly what you should do, so would definitely give it a go!!
  • nsds
    nsds Member Posts: 2
    Hi Royce

    We are in similar circumstances to what you say, but further down the line. Is there someway I can contact you to let you know what our experience has been?


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