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AFO splints and deformity

JDWilson Member Posts: 90
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My child has worn AFO splints since age 2 she is now 11 has been without AFO's for 6 months due to POOR fitting. She can walk without them but her ankles are weak and give way at times. We have been told she needed to wear them to prevent Contractures and deformatives? She has bunions on both feet due to toe walking Physio says would have been a lot worse if she hadn't had AFO's. She has now been measured for new ones and they have warned OF she doesn't wear them she could end up with Deformed feet They have said there is pressure at present on the top middle of her foot which could give way resulting in bulging on the bottom of the foot which would give her a Rocker bottom? Anyone any thoughts or anything to add? She Hates wearing them we have asked for pictures to show her so she knows what may happen if she doesn't wear them? Has anyone had this problem or similar?