Cerebral Palsy
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Relocating 8 year old boy with CP

melnswmelnsw Member Posts: 2
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Hi there, I am hoping someone can help me on here as I am not quite sure of where else to go or what sited to check.
My friend has a lovely 8 year old boy who has CP. He has just turned 8 and has just been told by the school he attends that his mental age is 4. He has no obvious physical disablities, although they are there, but mentally he is slower and will never be able to hold a 'normal' job in the future, which i'm sure alot of people with CP wont.
He goes to a normal school here in Dublin and just isn't getting the care and education he needs, and alot of it is down to the education system and lack of resources in this country. And to be honest, they are shocking. She has been told he will need to go to a special school for kids with various disabilities but at present there is a very long waiting list and was told by the principal that there are no other kids with CP there and they wouldnt know how to deal with his disability. This was the last straw for her and she has been a mess ever since. The school he attends had a Special Needs teacher for him but she left, and also wasnt told this. She only found out 3 weeks later when her son said something about her not being there, and when she called the school, their response was 'oh sorry, did noone tell you'? This is the usual over here and along with thousands of other people trying to get specail needs education, nothing is done and it falls on deaf ears. She is wanting to relocate to the UK for the sake of her son and I would love it if anyone had any information on who to contact regarding schooling, housing, where the best place to go to, live and costs etc would be. Thank you so much in advance. mel
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