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alik2010 Member Posts: 7
HI, my son has just been fitted for an afo on his right foot...but i'm very confused as to what these are, what they will do...and how to buy shoes?
They did explain a little to me, but i didn't really understand...will my child manage better etc
Thanks, Alison


  • angela494
    angela494 Member Posts: 2
    Hi I have just got splint for my childs right foot. They will give them more stability and hopefull yfor him stop him walking on his toes. Can't tell you if they are any good as just learning to walk on it. However, walking seems less wobbly. I found Clarks really helpful and kind. They have the odd shoe scheme where you can buy a pair of odd shoes 25% more than the standard price (so do not need to by two pairs). We went through the full catalogue and they ordered what they did not have in stock, as we also had an added challenge of a wedge. Anyway we have a pair of boots one foot 2.5 sizes bigger than the other. Other people have told me they are really good, so lets see.

    Lets see how they get on.
  • JDWilson
    JDWilson Member Posts: 90
    My daughter is 11 and has worn Fixed AFO's since age of 2. Physio said it was to Prevent Contractures and defomatives. WHAT? speak English I don't understand. They provide stability and support I Wish I had known how my childs feet would have been If she didn't wear them.It's too late for us now She needs operations her ankles have collapsed on both feet. Would they have been as bad If she had worn these AFO's more? She was Good when she was younger under 7yrs but as she got older she found more excuses for not wearing them. They hurt, I can walk better without them (that bits True But they do support her ankles) I'l wear them tonight, My "friends" keep on about them, I hate them The list goes on. I wish I had made her wear them more as every time she got away with not wearing them it was harder to get them back on again. They do hurt at times so YOU must check for red marks or rubbing. Samantha needs Major operations in Feb I don't know if this is because she didn't wear her afo's enough or just because of her condition. They did mention years ago they would try Afo's then Botox she takes Baclofen Then she would need operations. I don't know if this will help you or scare you I wish I had known more earlier to try to prevent some of the problems she is facing now. She has SD CP and is a "walker" but has pain every day. Good luck with your little one Take each day as it comes and always encourage them to Try their best. They'l suprise you in so many ways. My daughter has just won a GOLD and 2 Silvers in swimming against able bodied children and raised over
  • JDWilson
    JDWilson Member Posts: 90
    It can sometimes be easier to buy trainers for the Afo's If he only has it on one foot you may need 2 pairs. I buy New balance trainers with good soles on them they don't have to be expensive just hard wearing. She has worn through Flat bottom trainers in 2 wks before.


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