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Tongue Thrusting

Daisy2010Daisy2010 Member Posts: 7
edited June 2014 in Parents and carers
Hi All,

I just wondered if anypne has any techniques or advice on this one. Daisy is 6 months and is eating solids now but she has a tongue thrusting which causes her to puch food out of her mouth, this happens 85% of the time when feeding her, Our therapist has suggested to try putting the food in her mouth to the side, which i am doing but I wanted to know if anyone has any other advice on this.

Is this an ongoing thing or could she grow out of it?

Thanks Hollie x


  • renacahillrenacahill Member Posts: 145
    Elliot does not do this when eating but does when he gets excited and goes into an extensor pattern of movement. Does Daisy like food and get excited about eating? I would go for the food in the cheek idea as a way of getting food down. If she is in a normal high chair you could try putting something behind her head to bring it forward which might make it more difficult to tongue thrust. Maybe ask the professionals especially SALT if they have any ideas?
  • Daisy2010Daisy2010 Member Posts: 7
    Just a quick update, we have in the past week started Daisy on stage two solid jars of food, and the tongue thrusting has greatly improved, she does not do it at all whilst eating the stage two food. She does still do it if she is givven something that has a smooth consistency however. But I think this is a good step forward! :)
  • renacahillrenacahill Member Posts: 145
    Well done Daisy, its surprising how simple some solutions are, and how some of the more simpler things become so difficult. It really sounds as though this was some kind of behavioural thing around smooth food, maybe she was not keen on the texture? I personally dont think it is anything to do with CP as such as there is no reason, if it was some kind of extension pattern, that it would change just because the food did. Thats one less thing to fret over anyway! My daughter is currently working herself into a frenzy as little grandson seeing paed re weight (he is underweight and a poor eater) She said today she always gets worked up and anxious as her paed is very negative about everything.
    kate x
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