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Ticket to Ride

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Posted on behalf of Merlin05

Until now some councils have not been playing it by the book with bus passes and allowing those holders of bus passes to use them at any time. However things are about to change as they are to come in line with the rest of the country. There are barriers for doing this as it had not been thought out properly.

This is to cause all sorts of problems for those holding bus passes as they are not the only target but rail passengers will soon find if they travel before 9.30am they may not be able to use their railcard. Hense they will not receive the reductions this gives us. This is not just the rule for joint card holders but all railcard users.

Can you imagine doctors appointments with everyone wanting their appointments between 10.30am and 3pm. Or even hospital appointments lovely talk about causing overloading of buses and trains.

How are we expected to get to work if we can not get a bus before 9.30am and after 11pm. No boss will accept that you can not get in before 10am and there is not much flexi work around. Up to now different borough councils in the same county have been adopting the rule differently. As in Cumbria Carlisle city council never the rule but I know people who in the next borough had to walk the extra mile to assure they did not catch the bus until 9.30am.

Imagine needing to go to meetings out of town and needing to travel early to say Manchester this would be expensive for both the holder and the organisation they represent. You may as well be a hermit as it would be very difficult to get around at a reasonable cost.



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