Meeting Other Adults With CP

TytoAlba Community member Posts: 2 Listener
Anyone else like to meet other people with CP? Does anyone know of any social groups etc.


  • Han
    Han Community member Posts: 16 Contributor

    I would love to meet other adults with CP. It does not seem to be catered for if like myself you only have a mild form of CP. It would be lovely to talk about what our lives are like with CP as adults.

    (20 year old student)
  • TytoAlba
    TytoAlba Community member Posts: 2 Listener
    There are a few 'Adults with CP' type pages on Facebook but not really catering for socialising. It would be good to have an informal, local group.
  • Pubkrooz
    Pubkrooz Community member Posts: 1 Listener
    Han has a point I've known one or 2 groups in my time but as bad as it sounds I've felt somewhat out of place at them having mild cp. I find it hard to talk about my experiences/life with the guys i know because they have it far worse then me it makes my ranting feel somewhat stupid or pointless.

    Since i've left school i've not socialised with anyone else with cp simply because all of my regular group of friends are able bodied. I wouldn't mind meeting other adults in a similar situation for a change really, would be nice to share stories and experiences.

    Pub (Matt)
    (another 20 year old)