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Eve’s operation

EvesDad Member Posts: 2
My daughter Eve, who is eight, is to have gastrocnemious and hamstring lengthening at the end of June. I wondered if others could help with the fear I have about the operation - also how to break the news to my daughter. We have no house adaptations at present and worry about looking after her when she comes out of hospital.


  • JDWilson
    JDWilson Member Posts: 90
    Hi Have a look at Multi level surgery on here. My daughter is 12 and has just been through 2 big ops including Hamstring lengthening and Gastroconemious. I was really worried and as you she was mobile (walker) and we had NO adaptions not even a bed downstairs we bought a sofa bed and OT provided a Cammode and Board. With the ops my child was having she could not weight bare for 6 wks till 2 nd op. It was hard still is But you do cope and so will your child they give pain relief in hospital a district nurse will come out to check dressings after op. Breaking the news She is 8 does she understand things? has she not picked up anything re op on hospital visits? our kids tend to know more than we credit them with at times. Sit down quietly and talk about her day Does she have pain? how about the way she walks? Would she like to walk better? Then let her know she needs a operation and this will help with straightening her knees etc Keep details brief unless she asks directly (will I have stitches etc) she doesnt need to know the gore. Yes she will have stitches but she won't beable to see them they are done inside She will have paper stiches on the wound and also a dressing which keeps the wounds clean and reasures them. Your fears are Normal of how do we cope when she gets home and the operation,pain and everything You will get through it I was exactly the same as you will see on the multi level section. Good Luck been there and come through it. :-) 4 wks post 2nd op. Doing OK. My daughter was 11 and coped with reasurance.
  • Flossy
    Flossy Member Posts: 16
    Hi If I was you I would speak to your daughter's OT/Social Worker and speak to your daughter's named specialist at the hospital she goes to, and ask them what type of equipment you should be looking at for her. ie wet room, hoists, ramps to get in and out of the house, accessible floor level. We are in the middle of a disabled facilities grant being done for my son who is aged 7 years now and very heavy. We've had the bathroom converted into a wet room and this originally was a box room this was done under the grant. We are getting a lift shaft put in for him as he cant get upstairs I downstairs bedroom was going to go through but cos i have health issues and he doesnt sleep at night it was no good for me or my health. We are getting a ramp floor level that goes from our living room out into the garden to a low level ramp and this will lead onto the garden. Speak to your child's OT/sw the help is out there its just finding it. If you need any more help or advice please do ask.
  • JDWilson
    JDWilson Member Posts: 90
    hows things going with EVE? Samantha is recovering well from her 2 ops. Had this op 10 wks ago but a bigger one feb gone.


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