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cardiffmarie Member Posts: 4
Hi there

I have 12 month old identical boys, my eldest twin has just been diagnosed Hemiplegia? ( still getting used to all the medical terms!).
I was wondering if anyone else has this experience with identical twins? Why doesent my other twin have the same problem? Will my other twin develop any problem etc etc?

Worried mum xxx


  • cardiffmarie
    cardiffmarie Member Posts: 4
    Hi, we only had him diagnosed on Monday, they say they think it is quite mild, but the mri will tell us more. My boys were born by elected c section and thomas (twin with cp) was out first, so im not sure what went wrong. I've been doing a lot of research on the net about cp, but u can keep reading forever!! Decided not to get bogged down in too many of the details and just enjoy every day with him.
    Thanks for getting back to me.
    Lisa xxx
  • rachaelneall
    rachaelneall Member Posts: 6
    I have twins, boy/ girl twins though. My daughter has diplegic cp. Hemiplegia is down one side...diplegic is top or bottom. In my daughters case her legs are affected.
    CP is caused by a lack of oxygen at some point. My son was born first and my daughter second by emergency caesarian. During the gap between births was when the oxygen supply was interrupted.
    Mine were also 12 months old when she was diagnosed.
    They are 11 years old now. My daughter has attended mainstream school and has exceeded expectations in all areas. With lots of physio and taking things at her pace she has progressed quite well.
    Is your son mild, moderate or severe?
  • twinmom
    twinmom Member Posts: 14
    Hi, I have identical twin boys. They're now 21 months. Eoin was diagnosed with Spastic Diplegia CP at 11 months. His twin doesn't have it.I also had a section. They were 29 weeks at birth. I'd been in hospital on bed rest for 2 months, and I went into labour. The boys had a severe infection and this is the reason for Eoin's CP. We're lucky that Adam doesn't have it. Eoin was the bigger twin, and they had twin to twin transfusion. The thing with CP, as far as I know, is that its a condition that doesn't get worse. What I noticed with Eoin was that initially there wasn't much difference between the 2 boys, but as time went on, his twin started to do more and more, and Eoin wasn't able to do these things. Its just that it the differences between them became more obvious with time.
    There is so much that can be done to help them. We've physio once a week. He used be very good at doing it, but now he's getting wise and tells us to 'go way'!! He's so cute. He has come on leaps and bounds since he was initially diagnosed. I don't know what stage your little man is at, but Eoin is only starting to sit unsupported now, and at that he can only manage a minute. But he used only manage 2 seconds, and even that was a long time coming. Its a slow process but its worth it. Eoin is the happiest little boy, and the two of them are great fun. Its a shock to deal with, and it took me a long time to accept it, but I wouldn't change him for the world, and I know how lucky I am to have 2 such gorgeous little boys. Sorry for the long post! Good luck with everything
  • cardiffmarie
    cardiffmarie Member Posts: 4
    hi twinmom,

    thanks for taking the time to reply to me. Its lovely to hear about your boys.

    I've been told Thomas has mild right sided hemiplegia, he can use his right arm and leg but they are considerably weaker. Feel better today after seeing his physio, she says Thomas will definately walk but it will just take time. They were monitoring my boys for weeks at the end of my pregnancy as Owen (who is doing great) was quite a bit smaller, they finally got them out at 36 weeks (i was showing no signs of going into labour and had an active pregnancy). I have been reading on the connections between twin to twin tranfusion and cp, and i cant help thinking maybe if they had got them out a few weeks earlier maybe Thomas would be ok? This is something i might ask the neurologist when he has his MRI.

    Thoams is also such a happy baby, and has a lot of determination so i know he'll be ok. Owen is a cheeky little thing, they both have so much character! Whatever the outcome over the coming years i know that twins are such a special thing and such a joy to have, and as long as they're happy, the rest will come xxx
  • cardiffmarie
    cardiffmarie Member Posts: 4
    Hi there,

    Its been a week since we had Thomas diagnosed, so things have settled down and i'm feeling loads better. Thomas was also the bigger twin, they were monitoring their growth for a good few weeks and finnaly got them out at 36 weeks as i was showing no signs of labour! Owen (smaller twin with no apparent problems) was quite aneamic so i suspect they had twin to twin transfusion too. Part of me cant help thinking if they got my boys out just a few weeks earlier then this may not have happened, but i'm trying not to dwell on that. Thomas is very determined and even with his weak arm and leg he will get around and even stick up for himself when his brother (who is getting round everywhere!) tries to take his toys off him lol And you're right even with the news, i wouldn't change them for the world, twins are a very special gift and a joy to have.
    Thomas isnt sitting or crawling at all yet, but our physio is lovely and she assures me its just a matter of time and he'll get there!
    He's so happy and socialble which is great, and Owen is such a cheeky monkey, but the compliment eachother perfectly lol
    Thanks for replying to me, where abouts are you from? We're in Cardiff, South Wales x
  • twinmom
    twinmom Member Posts: 14
    Hi, We're in Clare, in the South West of Ireland. It's gas that you have an Owen(Eoin) as well!! I know its very easy to get caught up in the what ifs. Even though mine were very premature I think if they'd been out before the infection set in, Eoin would have been fine, and I think a part of me will always blame myself, no matter how pointless it is. Adam was also the smaller twin, and he still is!! Eoin was 3lbs4, and Adam was 2lbs8. They were in neonatal for 3 months. Eoin was actually home 2 weeks before Adam, as he was doing great, so it was a huge shock when he was diagnosed with CP at 11 months. But like I said Eoin has made great progress. Only today when I was coming home from work, my husband rang me to tell me that Eoin combat crawled for the first time ever today!!! I'm so happy I cant stop crying!!!
    Your twins sound like little rascals. They are such a joy
    Take care, Una
  • laujoka3
    laujoka3 Member Posts: 3
    Hi There,
    Nice to talk to mums of twins, I have girl/boy twins, now 2 and a half, my daughter has spastic diplegic cp, also hydrocephalus and a visual impairement. My son is fine. They were born at 30 wks and had a traumatic delivery, Laura first born. I live in Derry, Northern Ireland, (Una I am originally from Offaly! co.clare!!)


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