16 month old learning to speak- Spastic Diplegia CP

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Hi my son James has Spastic Diplegia CP- mostly it just affects his legs and back but im starting to think it has had a effect on his neck muscles as he still can not talk he doesnt say any words not even mummy or daddy. Does anyone know whan CP babies start to speak if at all.


  • renacahill
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    Most CP children learn to talk but sometimes, depending on the severity, it is delayed.
    One reason is poor oro motor control which is part of their CP. If James can eat age appropriate food with no gagging or aspiration, if he can babble and move his mouth, tongue etc then there is no reason he will not talk.
    The other reason its believed there is delay is that CP children are concentrating so much of their effort into movement, which to other toddlers comes more naturally, that speaking goes on the back burner.
    Also speech is the most variable of toddler skills. Some are naturally very early talkers and some more delayed, but go on to talk as normal. We know of a three year old who never said a word, then came out with a whole sentence and never looked back!