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afo’s or GRO’s

niceboots Member Posts: 196 Pioneering
I've finally got an appointment with orthotics and feel I could do with either afo's to stretch my calf muscles or GRO's - like afo's but with a piece that goes in front of the knee to force it straight. I had these when I was in my teens and they really helped my walking. I stopped using them at about 18, when discharged by consultant and physio and told I didn't need them. since I have been getting tighter especially in the recent year or so (I'm now 24) I was wondering if still wears them or an alternative.
As I put in my previous thread I have just started wearing Piedro boots again, they help a bit as they actually fit properly and support my feet a bit more than most of the boots I have tried.
I feel I'm finding things a little hard atm, it's almost like going back in time - I just want to limit the effects and keep away from surgery and keep mobile.


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