Stem Cell Treatment

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I just wondered if anyone had had any experience with this? I have been researching this over the past few months, there is a website called Tissu. I have read quite a lot of sucess stories but the treatment is not available in the UK?


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    I have no personal experience, but from what I have read and what I've heard from people involved in the biotech industry, stem cell therapy is a very invasive treatment and the science has still not been able to get around the fact that nerve tissue in the brain does not regenerate. There are factors in the central nervous system (the brain and the spinal cord) that prevent nerve tissue from re-growing. Perhaps in the future they will get around this. Even so, if you can get around inhibiting the nervous system from destroying new stem cells with medication. What happens if you can't control the new growth? There must be a reason why nature intended the central nervous system to not be able to regenerate new cells. This might simply be that you can't have new tissue growing inside a closed container i.e. the skull and the spine. Personally, I would not want to use my child as a guinea pig for this type of procedure. He can make his own choice when he's an adult.

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    I have spent the last year looking into stem cell treatment for my daughter.
    We are plannning a trip to the US next year for it.

    There is convincing anecdotal evidence that it can help CP children.

    Try looking at stemcellpionneers - a website Ive found useful. Look at the ask the dr section and there is a wealth of info.

    For a positive story look at '' I think thats the right address.

    Its a minefield out there and a big decision but from my understanding there are no current known side effects from using the bodys own cells (autologous) to try and repair damage. It has been used in the same way for decades to treat leukemia (bone marrow transplants).

    good luck.