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choosing powerchair cushions and backrests

Katherine Hayward
Katherine Hayward Community member Posts: 74 Listener
I´m currently planning to change the cushion and backrest for my powerchair, the Quickie Rumba.
I´ve been recommended the Varilite Proform NX cushion, Jay J3 cushion, as well as the ADI and Varilite ranges of deep contour backrests.
Due to my spastic tetraparesis CP I have scoliosis resulting in me not being able to sit straight in my chair , and instead tend to fall to the side or front. I have dislocated hips and inturning legs and feet. I´m unable to use standard footrests because of this as my legs and feet fall backwards. I suffer from muscle spasms and convulsions and need a headrest. I have pain in my cervical muscles, rest of back and coxyx all day. I cannot change position in my chair.
Currently using the Vicair vector cushion, filled with triangular air sacs, and in the past used foam cushions that sank and were too soft, gel which went out of shape with use and was too hard. I tried the Matrix deep contour back but had no luck as its made of ABS plastic, and I found it not cushioned enough. I need lateral supports on the backrest aside from the back beeing deep contour. I´ve heard you can get fixed or swing away lateral supports, which are best? pros and cons of each.
Have looked on jay, adi and varilite sites. Aparently the j3 now comes with a choice of ROHO air technology or custom or standard foam. What´s ROHO air technology? the proform NX claims to be a good cushion for those with leglength discrepancies like me.
Still very hard to decide, and I have the technician coming on tuesday.
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