Disabled people
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Never-ending Pain.

meggi56meggi56 Member Posts: 1
edited September 2014 in Disabled people
I'm fifty-four years old. I have a degenerative spinal condition known as spondylolisthesis.

I'm in pain, to some degree, all the time. It never stops.

I don't actually LOOK as though I have a disability - and that can be problematic.

I hardly EVER get out of my house, because I'm often unable to walk more than a few yards without being in agony.

I sleep little because I can't get into a comfortable position in bed. Thus, I'm constantly tired, and frustrated because I'm unable to keep on top of even the most basic of my housework

I'm very lonely and depressed.


  • JordanRoseJordanRose Member Posts: 8
    Aww, I'm so sorry to hear this! Must be really tough to live with :( Have you ever had any kind of physio or treatment for your pain? Surely, you should be able to be given something to ease the pain a bit. Perhaps you could be given a wheelchair, to help you mobility wise? (If you've not got one already) And maybe seek out a housekeeper of some sort to help with your everyday tasks. There's never any harm in seeking help.

    Also, maybe try and see of there's anything to do in the community, hopefully where someone can come and pick you up, to avoid any pain from walking. You'd be able to meet new people, and maybe even those with a similar disability, so it should help with the feelings of loneliness. I also found counselling very helpful, when I was in a very depressive state- it's always good to talk and get things off your chest. Don't suffer in silence!

    Hope some of that helps!
    Best wishes,
    Jordan xxx
  • jlittle4242jlittle4242 Member Posts: 1

    Hello meggi56-My name is James Little--I'am from New Brighton, Pennsylvania-Currently, I live in the maryland area which is located in the United states-I'am the founder of (HG)Handicapped Global-The Blue Carpet--Details about me and (HG) are under my profile-- I would love for you to join our movement---it is completely free---I'am on facebook at--http://facebook.com/jlittle4242

    It is important for you to get out of the house--even if it is in the yard or your front porch---I believe that this type of exposure is good for your spirit----secondly, if you cant get out of the house -- try to find pleassure in one of your hobbbies--this will keep you active--thirdly--have you consulted your doctor about the lack of sleep--getting a proper amount of sleep is highly important to the functionioning of your body during the day--- please ask your doctor on how to get more relaxed and comfortable in the bed so that you can get proper rest at night--i will close for now-- hope to hear back from you--

    James Little
  • daidai Member Posts: 3
    I know were your coming from I am 50 and i got arthritus in my hip and a curve in my spine i to hardly leave the house now and gets very lonely.I am also worried about going to a baord and not passing even though my worker said dont worry as i am genuin but still dreading it.I live in south wales so i dont think its started here yet I find the torys very hard people like they dont care.I know they got to save money but they seem to be picking on the weakest of society.Hope you get better or you find some releave.Hang on in there mate.
  • HighlandmanHighlandman Member Posts: 1

    Hello readers, I can relate to this only to well,
    I have ostio-arteritis and find sleeping and moving around difficult, I try to get out and walk when the weather is warm and dry.

    I found arteritis support group and joined in for useful advice and alternitive medication suppliements,
    Great to be able to share your and others exprerances.

    Try your local hospital or ask your GP for pain management counselling.

    And finaly try and find a local Hydrotherapy pool. A great way to meet new friends with mobility difficultys
    and mild physical movement exersizes in warm water

    Try something every day, And over time things become just that bit easer, Take your time and build up your exersizeing..
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