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onging trapped wind

LizzyBee Member Posts: 3
My son is 16 months old and has spastic diplegia with low muscle tone in his trunk. Since he was born he has suffered with trapped wind, it affects everything we do, prevents him settling to sleep and wakes him in the night. We can be up for hours and hours in the night trying to get wind up before he can settle again. We have tried all the over the counter stuff, massage, gaviscon, ranitadine, domperidone, Yakult, meds for stomach spasms, dairy and a wheat free diet. I think (or desperately hope) it is something he will grow out of in time. He is currently being assessed for lycra. Does anyone have any ideas? Do you think lycra will help with improving muscle tone in the digestive system.
Any ideas greatly appreciated.
Thank you.


  • ripley
    ripley Member Posts: 5

    Have they done a Barium Meal study? Our Daughter struggled for a year and a half with her feeding - discomfort, trapped wind etc. The results of a Barium Meal study suggested she had a Hiatus Hernia (part of the stomach had passed through the diaphragm) - her surgeon refused to believe it was a hernia - performed a Video Endoscopy and declared it wasn't - said it was just our daughter. This went on for months until we demanded a second opinion - went to another hospital in another country in the UK and within 30 minutes they declared it was a Hiatus Hernia and surgery could repair it. She has since had the corrective surgery (also had her fundo redone as it was very tight) and we have had no more issues with her feeds or trapped wind.

    Worth looking into

  • LizzyBee
    LizzyBee Member Posts: 3
    Thank you for your suggestion, I will mention it to the Paediatrition next time I see her. My little boy was born with a hernia, which we were told would heal in time (it appears to be).
    Glad to hear your daughter no longer suffers with trapped wind.


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