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"normal" MRI

NRI Member Posts: 6
My daughter is 6 months and we have just had the results of her MRI through- the neurologist says it appears normal.

She suffered a grade 2 HIE at birth and is displaying all the signs and symptoms of CP.

Severely hypotonic, drooling, tongue thrusts, doesn't roll, only just started to reach for toys, doesn't bear any weight on her legs, constipation AND just recently from what I can gather MYOCLONIC jerks keeping her awake at night. (I've been taping these)

Can you still have a CP diagnosis with a clear/normal MRI???



  • renacahill
    renacahill Member Posts: 145
    I have read that an MRI can be 'normal' but that very subtle unseen changes can occur causing symptoms of CP. At the end of the day you treat the child not the machine!
  • linzi74
    linzi74 Member Posts: 2

    Yes I think it is possible to show no signs of brain damage on an MRI yet still present with symptoms of cerebral palsy and then it is also possible to show a lot of damage to the brain which can in turn show no affect to the individual.

    The MRI is only a picture of the brain it doesn't tell you what it's doing and it is a complicated place. With my boy he has global brain damage and this showed quite obviously on his MRI. But I wasn't bothered about that I just took what I saw in front of me as the condition he has and accepted it and worked with it. The MRI was neither here nor there to me. My boy has HIE grade three.

    Your daughter is still young so as she develops so may her development and movement try and keep positive and just help her along the way.

  • mrsfox
    mrsfox Member Posts: 76


    Yes, priority is your baby 100% but your next priority would be to write to the Hospital and ask for a copy of the SUI (Serious Untoward Incident) report and then consider (if its right for you/not everyone) contacting a medical negligence solicitor.



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