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one to one helper being used for other children

mand7503 Member Posts: 2
my son is 6 years old he has diplegic cerebral palsy he has a statement which gives him a one to one helper between 9am to 2pm, but he constantly keeps coming home saying his helper couldn't do his physio today because she has a number/reading/writing group after speaking to other parents i get the impression that shes just being used by the school as an additional teachng assistant, when i asked his teacher about this first she denied it then she admitted she didnt know how often he did his physio and that they did use calums helper for groups also they have just been supplied with a portable ramp for him to use when getting out of his classroom which his teacher has refused to use as she says its to heavy for her, any ideas where i can get some help getting the school to comply with calums needs as we have regular meetings with senco ot and physio but as soon as there gone they just dont follow the advice they been given


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    You might like to contact Scope Response (Freephone 0808 800 3333 or email [email protected]) If you live in England or Wales a referral could be made to the Scope Regional Worker who covers the area in which you live. The staff at Scope Response will also be able to suggest sources of special advice on education matters.

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