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Tips that have helped my little girl....

Lioness Member Posts: 10 Listener
Hi, Im new here! I was reading through some topics and could relate to loads, so, I thought i'd share some of whats worked for us!!! My little girl is ten in may, she has left haemiplaegia, hydrocephalus, poorly controlled epilepsy,visual impairment, global dev delay, moderate learning disorder, vsd, repaired TOF and a skull and spinal defect.... but, she is always smiling!! I am always looking for things to improve her life..... she uses a wheelchair when shes having a bad day. Theres a company called togs4specia lsprogs that make adaptive clothing and loads of accessories for children with special needs and we have 'Dora' wheelchair covers and cosy toes, clothing that have easy openings s o I can change her, positioning rolls in peppa pig for her bed and loads of other stuff!! Its made such a difference and she loves it all! Anyway I just wanted to share... would love to hear from other people with problems similar to my little girls.... x


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